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Ops Engineers

Xillio wants you! We currently have room in our Ops team for junior, medior, and senior colleagues. We’re an inclusive and international bunch, and look forward to seeing what you want to bring to the table. Since we’re international, we communicate in English.

We believe in fit for purpose and best in class, and as a team, we make the big decisions in terms of technology stack. The Ops team is the heart of the engine, and that means you don’t just have responsibility, it means you are at the core of all technical and technological decisions happening in engineering.

Our teams strongly value automation, innovation, and freedom. This meshes well with the core values of the larger organisation we’re an integral part of.

Naturally, quality, stability, and predictability are important to us too. We have a mature delivery pipeline, and are continuously improving what, as well as how we deliver. And this is also where you can shine.

You’ll fit well in our teams if:

  • You take pride in your craft;
  • You have an open, progressive mindset;
  • You like direct (friendly, professional) feedback loops;
  • You want to grow in skill, experience, and career;
  • You are (or want to become) an Ops master.

Seniority will be gauged by:

  • Relevant experience (Cloud (AWS), Docker, Linux, Windows, General Sysadmin, Scripting, et cetera);
  • Exposure to Content management systems (Enterprise, as well as Web);
  • Relevant degrees.

Of course, we have plenty to offer, including but not limited to:

  • Membership of a kick-a** team;
  • Working on state-of-the-art, innovative technology;
  • An attractive package;
  • Support for personal as well as professional growth.

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