Analyst Firm, Deep Analysis, Predicts Strong Growth for Xillio

Demand for integration of the many different enterprise content management (ECM) systems increases

San Francisco, May 2, 2017 - Xillio, an international specialist in the field of content migration and integration of large business platforms, is mentioned by Deep Analysis, a new analyst firm founded by Alan Pelz-Sharpe and focused on content and process business applications, as one of the most important startups in the ECM market. In its report, “ECM Fast Tracking from Stability to Fragmentation,” Deep Analysis investigates the current state and competitive dynamics of the highly disrupted ECM marketplace. The analyst’s report says there is an increased interest in specialist firms, like Xillio, that can automate content migration and integration. Deep Analysis says it expects the ECM sector to continue to grow notably over the coming few years.

Startups are disturbing the traditional ECM market and investing in innovation and new approaches. Few, if any, of these firms would classify themselves as ECM, but the work they focus on is squarely targeting traditional ECM markets. Besides Xillio, known enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) solution players like Box, Dropbox, Accellion and Egnyte are mentioned.

"The ECM market is in full swing," said Rikkert Engels, CEO and founder of Xillio. "See examples like the acquisition of Documentum by OpenText, but also smaller regional deals. Startups, like us, develop our solutions on top of the existing traditional solutions and organizations will, therefore, need to rethink how their enterprise content is managed."

The Deep Analysis report states that many ECM technologies have been on the market since the 1980s. A result of that long heritage is multiple systems and silos running within the same company. Add to this the explosive growth of (now legacy) on-premises SharePoint systems and the popularity of EFSS solutions is leading to the migration and closure and/or integration of these silos.

For more information about the changing ECM landscape, download the “ECM Fast Tracking from Stability to Fragmentation” report here, distributed by Deep Analysis on April 28, 2017.