Xillio introduces the new version of the Content ETL Platform

Make changes to the information landscape many times faster

Chicago, March 15, 2016 - Xillio, expert in the analysis, transformation and migration of unstructured data, today announced version 3.0 of its Content ETL Platform. The new version of the platform is based on a completely new architecture including a new scripting language, which makes the platform much more stable and scalable. Also introduced in this version is the Universal Data Model and a new database (MongoDB). The platform is well suited and prepared to deal with the growing amount of content, and allows organizations to make quick changes in their information landscape.

Universal Data Model
In the new version, the Unified Data Model (UDM) is ingrained in the Xill IDE scripting language. The UDM is a kind of Esperanto for data models – a universal language which crosses systems - and consists of an API built upon MongoDB along with the corresponding data model. The reusable data model makes it possible to connect different content sources (ECM, DM, etc.) with each other in a standardized manner, without having to adapt the underlying data models of each individual system. The UDM is highly scalable, and supports millions of documents easily.

"The amount of digital content in an organization doubles every two years," said Rikkert Engels, founder and CEO of Xillio. "Additionally, the number of point solutions are growing, and organizations are dealing with a fragmented information landscape. This makes it a challenge to meet compliance requirements. In order to make significant changes in the information landscape, organizations are facing high costs, dealing with a lack of resources, and have to undergo long development cycles. With our new Content ETL Platform, organizations can implement changes to their information landscape many times faster. "

Server Module
Besides the UDM, the new platform also offers a new Server Module, intended for those organizations that want to run Xill's comprehensive scripts using their own servers. Scripts developed in the Xill IDE development platform are uploaded to the server, and can then be scheduled and managed separately from the Xill Platform. The Server Module also has a fully functional scheduling capability including dependencies, such as the ability to conditionally run processes based on the success or completion of prior runs.

Other changes
Some minor changes have been made to improve the usability of the platform, such as the search functionality in the help, error messages in-line during the development process, and automatic code completion.

Xillio Content ETL Platform
Xillio’s Content ETL Platform can retrieve unstructured content from any content source (e.g. ECM, DMS and CMS) in a simple and rapid manner, and without extensive programming. This content can then be analyzed, enriched and eventually migrated. The development platform comes fully equipped with various built-in functions, plug-ins and out-of-the-box connectors to various content management systems. This makes it possible to, in combination with the dedicated support site, configure almost every content project with a select number of existing scripts and self-developed scripts. Using the Xill IDE is faster, easier and more controlled than traditional scripting.