Xillio develops rapid connector for OpenText

Multi-server and multi-threaded processing results in rapid export and import of documents

Chicago, May 24 2016 – Xillio, expert in the analysis, transformation and migration of unstructured data, has developed a connector for OpenText Content Server (OTCS). By supporting multi-server and multi-threaded processing, this bi-directional connector can export and import content and metadata from and to OpenText. With this, Xillio provides the opportunity to perform OpenText migrations very quickly, faster than the current conventional ways of migrating.

Scalable connector
The new connector is scalable, accurate, delivers a traceable migration process, requires minimal scripting for project specific requirements, and offers detailed logging. Communication with the Open Text Content Server is done through proven APIs; the REST API and Content Web Services API. The REST API is used to transfer metadata (categories and attributes), OpenText migration items (versions and binaries) and users and groups. The Content Web Services API transfers the permissions.

Unified Data Model
The development of the connector is based on the Unified Data Model. By leveraging the Unified Data Model (generic data model) of Xillio it is possible to reuse scripts and modules in any project, and configure some system-specific properties using business rules wihout redoing the data modeling.

In addition to the export and import content and metadata in OpenText, Xillio offers various solutions to improve the quality of data. Based on an analysis of the data (e.g. total of items and files, empty folders, file size, duplicates, use and quality of the metadata) you can determine which actions should be taken, including deduplication, restructuring, de-duplication, or metadata enrichment. Xillio has developed multiple connectors for different ECM systems. These are being used to realize migrations to and from OpenText and other systems.

Rikkert Engels, founder and CEO of Xillio, said: "We managed to develop one of the fastest connectors, or perhaps the fastest connector, in the market and I am very proud of it. For information managers, a migration path is always a complex process, especially to determine what to do with all the content and determine an information strategy based on the content. Our phased approach to export, analyze, cleanup, and our unique Unified Data Model and fast import, make us of absolute value to the information manager."

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