Xillio Introduces "Image Classification" Content Service

San Francisco, August 29 2017 – Xillio, international specialist in the field of content migration and integration of large business platforms, has added a new content service to its portfolio, called “Image Classification.” Based on visual image recognition, Xillio adds labels and tags to images based on the content of that image. With this service, Xillio offers the ability to further enhance content quality, making content easier to find and more manageable, and easier for users to identify, and sort, unwanted content.

Adding tags to images is a simple way to specify the meta information of that image. For example, a tag may be an object, subject or a theme. For example, the "person" tag is assigned to images with people or the "car" tag to images showing cars. This service is perfect for organizations that want add more value to existing visual content; organizations with multiple product photos in a digital asset management (DAM) system or a web content management (WCM) environment used by an editorial staff on daily basis.

Other content services
In addition to automated content migration, Xillio offers services to improve content quality and quantity. For example, the solution provides the ability for users to find duplicate documents, identify privacy sensitive content (such as passports and driving licenses), classify documents (e.g. document type or subject) and now the ability to classify images and photos.

"Images are a fast-growing type of content," said Rikkert Engels, CEO and founder of Xillio. "Automatically adding tags to images allows users to search images and filter more quickly. This service saves our customers a lot of time, it increases the value of their visual content and offers opportunities to speed up business processes."