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Things we see in the market

Content Migration and Integration for a Modern, Digital Government

Government agencies around the globe have been the frontrunners in starting to work digitally. Mostly driven by the compliance regulations and less from an efficiency point of view. Maybe because of dialectics of lead, but full digital transformation is rare still at government organizations. Our experience, however, is that there is a next shift happening.

Things that we see in the market:

  • Adoption of cloud
    Working in a (private) cloud is no longer a no go. This means the Office 365 and the likes are being implemented and collaboration is finally moving away from the file shares.
  • Next level case management
    The next level of case management systems are adopted. Many of the “old” Document management systems were mostly built for compliance and some basic document management functionalities but did not support case management. However, some vendors have tried with some workflow and dossier functionalities, but most of them did not manage to support case management completely.
  • Long-term archiving
    Long-term archiving (e-depot) integrations. A lot of the information must be shared with citizens and made publicly available. A central e-depot with several government agencies connected to it makes this possible.

These new adoptions of technologies and systems and projects to implement, integrate or migrate are on the path of many government organization towards their fully digital organization. This digital transformation roadmap is where Xillio can help.

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