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Why use Xillio?

The attempt of enterprises to standardize on one content repository has turned out to be impossible. The reality is that content is stored in multiple repositories, such as cloud applications, legacy ECM systems, WCM, Collaboration tools, PIM and DAM. To integrate these systems is extremely expensive to build and maintain, and error-prone.

Xillio developed a smart, unified and cloud-based API that easily connects with all the repositories within the enterprise, making content stored in both cloud content systems and legacy systems accessible from any application.

The Xillio engine includes:

  • One cloud API

    Single API for access to all content systems. This declarative, easy to read API works for all content repositories. It saves you tons of custom development.



  • One content model

    A single content model to which all content properties are mapped. You can also map custom content properties, making content exchangeable with any other repository.



  • Content connectors

    Xillio owns a large collection of connectors to content repositories. If we don't have the connector you need,  we are able to develop new connectors extremely fast. No need to develop them yourself. 



  • Content services

    Xillio offers additional options for content enrichment and transformation, such as adding and replacing missing content properties or metadata. 



One cloud API

The Xillio cloud-based developer API for content integration services is an easy to read and intuitive API that guarantees one consistent and maintainable API across all systems. With this API you can easily connect your application to any repository. As this API is supported by our one content model, it works for any repository.

Easy configuration, no need to build new code.

  • Launch applications faster
  • Make development teams more productive
  • Unlock content anywhere
  • Easily update your existing apps

Application Layers

Integration scenarios
You can use our API on multiple levels within your business application: the UI layer, the business layer, and the data layer. 

This offers you the flexibility to add content services in multiple ways to your application, creating better customer experiences, and outpacing your competition. 


Mapping of content properties

One content model

Every content repository uses its own content properties; the content type of system A is often different than the content type of system B. Our content model transforms all content properties, both from system A as system B, C or X, to standard and common properties, to achieve interoperability between the various systems.

This content model is used consistently across all systems and enables amazing integration scenarios.


Content connectors

Xillio owns one of the largest sets of connectors to repositories, such as cloud applications, legacy ECM systems, WCM, BPM, DAM, PIM and more. This list is constantly growing. Currently, we have connectors for, among others:

Adobe Experience Manager SharePoint Drupal
OpenText Content Suite GitHub Elastic
Hadoop SharePoint Online IBM FileNet
OpenText/Documentum Umbraco Box
Dropbox File share Egnyte
Liferay Zendesk CMIS

...and many more.

To see all connectors, click on the below button.

Our connectors


Connectors to repositories

Additional content services

Need to enrich the meta information of your content? Are essential content properties missing in some of your systems? Xillio offers various options to enhance the quality of your content. Examples are adding of metadata, for example using Artificial Intelligence software such as Microsoft Cognitive Services to recognize images or faces, Googles Speech API to automatically transcribe audio or subtitle video files, or using Amazons Sentiment Analysis API to scan content for negative or positive emotions.

You can easily extend Xillio capabilities yourself to create additional functionality that make your application work better. Does your system need thumbnails of images in a particular size, and the content repository you access doesn’t have them? Not a problem: generate these on the fly by extending Xillio to meet your needs. Do you need to deduplicate content before you do a batch import? Using Xillio you can use our deduplication module, or make your own.


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In this ebook, you will learn how to get control of your fragmented content by rethinking your approach to content integration.

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