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API_approachOur connectors form the basis of the API. The connectors hide all the details of the underlying system and are accessible through an easy-to-use function in the API. The API enables you to pull metadata and content from repositories through the connectors. Access to the connectors is unified by the API. A developer only needs to write the code once and can use it to access content in all the repositories.

The Xillio API does not store or persist data
Xillio provides access without creating copies of your content or data. We do not store any of your data. The API provides a gateway to your repositories. You are totally in control of what happens with your content. The Xillio API is command driven: it only accesses content when it gets a request from an integration created by you.

Core features

  • Navigate

    Browse the structure of any repository as if it was a filesystem and easily navigate through all contents and metadata.

  • Read & Write
    The API does not only allow you to read, but also to write content, update metadata, and create new objects.
  • Explore relations
    See what files exist in a folder or what components are used on a page. Work with multiple versions of a file or page, or create multiple translations of a page. 
  • Query

    Execute a query to search for files or pages in a repository and retrieve all objects and metadata matching the query parameters. 

"We already had a Xillio SharePoint connector set up and added Dropbox, Google Drive and OpenText Content Server as content sources within a day for an important customer demonstration. I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to use the native APIs but I suspect we would be measuring the timescales in months not hours.


John Tilbury
- CTO, Preservica

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