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Why use Xillio integration platform?

The attempt for enterprises to standardize on one content repository has become impossible and irrelevant. Today, applications store their own content, and cloud-based file sharing and collaboration services have significantly changed how knowledge workers and teams do their jobs. In addition, the amount of digital content to manage and control is growing exponentially.

Live access to content

With Xillio's integration platform, enterprises can easily and transparently organize, enhance, manage, search and provide live access – not just synchronization – to content, regardless of where it resides. 

Xillio increases end user productivity throughout the organization as content redundancy is reduced and content can easily be searched, reused and recycled. In addition, it reduces the amount of resources managing content. 

Competitive differentiator
The Xillio platform empowers enterprises to use content as a competitive differentiator - they can use the ECM of their choice, get a clear picture of the information landscape, manage records across multiple repositories, and have a reliable source for compliancy reporting.

Enterprise agility
Finally, the platform increases enterprise agility and reduces vendor lock-in, by reducing the technical barriers to access repositories. Xillio provides an integration layer over legacy repositories to easily reuse and access their content. All with the option to gradually phase out repositories. 

  Value for the Enterprise
Reduced content redundancy x
Reuse and recycle of content x
Reduced search time x
Streamlining and integrating collaboration x
Reducing resources managing content x
Flexibility to use ECM of choice x
Clear picture of information landscape x
Source for compliancy reporting x
Records managemnet across repositories x
Innovation without need to phase out existing repositories x
Reducing technical barriers to access repositories x
Providing alternative access to content x
Layer on top of legacy repositories x

Benefits for your Enterprise

  • Reduces Inefficiencies
    We focus on providing transparent access to existing content, reducing the inefficiencies involved in creating redundant documents.
  • Single Access point for integration
    Single Access Point
    Our UDM and connectors accommodates any kind of unstructured content in any repository. 
  • Unified View
    No need for users to jump from application to application, to perform multiple searches to find the right information.  
  • Agility
    Increased Agility
    With one integration point for all enterprise infrastructure, Xillio speeds time to market for new applications and enhanced functionality.

The Xillio integration platform includes:

  • Unified Data
    Model (UDM)

    The Unified Data Model (UDM) is a database independent data model that can understand any unstructured content. It consists of a data model and API. 


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  • Off-the-shelf connectors
    We offer a multitude of off-the-shelf connectors to any content repository, such as ECM, WCM, cloud and collaboration systems.
  • Server

    Our reliable server architecture supports scheduling, monitoring, accessing millions of documents at a time and guaranteed uptime. 


  • Extensible Architecture

    We make it easy to add repositories to our framework, with our standard APIs, SDK with APIs and extensive developer documentation.


Off-the-shelf Connectors


Current list of off-the-shelf connectors to content repositories:

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems:
    • Alfresco
    • Documentum
    • FileNet
    • OpenText
    • SharePoint 2003 - 2013
    • SharePoint Online

  • Web Content Management and other systems:
    • Adobe Experience Manager
    • GitHub

To see other repositories Xillio has experience with on custom content migration projects, please see here

Our connectors

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