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Pre-built connector to EPiServer for integration

Migrate to EPiServerDo you want to integrate EPiServer content with other applications in your business process, for instance in emails, commerce, support sites, social channels, maybe to translate content from EPiServer in a translation system, or to sync media stored in EPiServer with other external sources (e.g. DAM)?

Xillio offers a cloud-based API for content integration which provides unified access to content (blocks, pages, media and files) stored in EPiServer. Using the Xillio API to integrate EPiServer with other digital experience applications has the following advantages:

  • One API and one content model: use only one API and content model to access content stored in EPiServer, but also in other systems. This makes your integrations considerably easier and cheaper.
  • Use Xillio's big list of other connectors to pull content from any system into your business application.

Our API supports EPiServer10 and needs an extension on the EPiServer server. Learn more about our API for EPiServer integration in our API documentation.