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Integrate content into your application

Xillio is a headless platform. This means it does not provide any UI components or other end user-oriented functionality. Xillio aims to be a lightweight middleware solution for content integration. We focus on bringing you the best and most easy to use developer API we can.

Easy configuration, no need to build new code.

This offers you the flexibility to add content services in multiple ways to your application, creating better customer experiences, and outpacing your competition.

Business case for Xillio content integration API


Additional content services

Need to enrich the meta information of your content? Are essential content properties missing in some of your systems? Xillio offers various options to enhance the quality of your content. Content integration examples are adding of metadata, for example using Artificial Intelligence software such as Microsoft Cognitive Services to recognize images or faces, Googles Speech API to automatically transcribe audio or subtitle video files, or using Amazons Sentiment Analysis API to scan content for negative or positive emotions.

You can easily extend Xillio capabilities yourself to create additional functionality that make your application work better. Does your system need thumbnails of images in a particular size, and the content repository you access doesn’t have them? Not a problem: generate these on the fly by extending Xillio to meet your needs. Do you need to deduplicate content before you do a batch import? Using Xillio you can use our deduplication module, or make your own.

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