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With our cloud-based API, Xillio is changing the way global enterprises connect their applications to content repositories. We support three different integration scenarios on multiple layers within your application; in the UI layer, the business layer and data layer. 

UI Layer

Integrating Xillio at the UI layer is done simply through a REST API. This makes it very easy to add for example a button to upload or open files. For simple file access triggered by end users, this may be your easiest option and quickest to implement.

Content Integration Example

Our SharePoint add-in for example offers a simple panel to allow users to browse diverse content repositories and open and save files to them using SharePoint as a central access point. This way, end users do not need to learn anything (login, URL, user interface) about the underlying content repository.

Business Layer

Programmatic access to files, for example from within a workflow, is another way of using Xillio. This allows developers to embed universal content access into their business logic.

In the example of SDL, their user interface first allows users to select files to translate. Then the translation workflow takes over, submits those files to translators, and after the translation and review process, automatically submits the translated content back on the correct location into the source system. This eliminates several manual steps and reduces the risk of errors.


Data Layer

By accessing Xillio from the data layer of your application, you unlock the full functional richness of your application for any content repository. Your application will see any Xillio-accessed repository as a native one.

In our example integration with M-Files, this means that users cannot just browse and open content, but also preview it, see its properties, and apply any business logic to it that M-Files provides, such as workflows. From a developers perspective, no additional programming was needed to do this: as Xillio is integrated on the lowest level of the application, all other logic that sits on top of the data layer is enabled without any additional effort.

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