Examples of Content Integration in business applications

Use cases for content integration

How to use content integration in your business?


  • Workflow

    Workflow automation is one of the key technologies for the next decennium and will help businesses accelerate their internal processes. The success of a workflow system is largely determined by its capability to support client repositories. Xillio helps workflow vendors by extending their range of supported systems.

    Audience: Business

  • Customer or employee portal

    When a business user interacts with their customers, for example in a call center, they will need to access content from/about this customer on multiple systems, such as CRM, ECM, and email. Rather than having to log in to each of those systems, you want to provide your employees with a single place to access all of this content. Or provide customers with an option to directly download content relevant to them.

    Xillio allows you to provide access to any content repository from a single integration into your business application or portal so that business users can work with this content without leaving their primary business application.
    See M-file video for a Content Integration Example

    Audience: Customer service

  • Regulatory compliance

    Whether your solution specializes on finding personal identifiable data or it is doing high profile compliance analysis; being able to access your client’s content is key to your solution. Leveraging Xillio, our partners have been able to accelerate their development and support a wide range of content repositories for their clients.

    Audience: Business

  • Translation

    The holy grail for any language service provider is to provide in-context translation for as many systems as possible. The benefit for the client is clear, but technology wise this type of deep integration is complex and expensive to build. Xillio helps it’s partners by providing live access to content in a wide variety of systems, thus enabling them to worry less about connectivity and focus on their core product.

    See SDL video for example.

    Audience: Marketing

  • Content services architecture

    Many large businesses have complex application landscapes with dozens of custom built connections between systems. Xillio technology enables enterprises to create an abstract layer on top of their repositories, which then enables them to modernize their architecture one step at a time.

    Audience: business analysts, architects

  • Records Management

    Both regulatory compliance and good business practice require you to keep records of important documents and transactions. To feed your records management system with the relevant content, Xillio can retrieve relevant content, regardless of where it is stored.

    Audience: compliance and risk managers, architects

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