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  • Customer Portal

    Customer portals are a great way to provide customers with all of the relevant information you store about them. However, you don’t want to open up your backend Enterprise Content Management system directly to the web. By using Xillio from your portal infrastructure you can securely connect to all ECM systems and only show relevant content through the web portal.

    Audience: Customer service

  • Business App or Employee Portal

    When a business user interacts with their customers, for example in a call center, they will need to access content from/about this customer on multiple systems, such as CRM, ECM, and email. Rather than having to log in to each of those systems, you want to provide your employees with a single place to access all of this content. Xillio allows you to provide access to any content repository from a single integration into your business application so that business users can work with this content without leaving their primary business application.
    See M-Files video for an example.

    Audience: Business


  • File-sync-and-share access to on-premise ECM

    Business users love EFSS solutions like Dropbox and Box and would like to use these in their daily jobs. But company policy doesn’t allow them to make copies of business documents in a cloud storage solution. With Xillio, organizations can allow their users to access content stored in backend (on-premise) ECM system through the file-sync-and-share tool.

    Audience: Business

  • Content publishing through channel-specific apps

    Content marketing platforms aim to centralize the creation of content in a channel-agnostic way. However, many channel-specific publishing solutions still exist, creating the need for content marketing platforms to push out content to a multitude of marketing technologies. Xillio can help to ease the publishing of this content, for example, by pushing out articles to LinkedIn, Twitter but also to news sites or pushing out to YouTube, Vimeo and social channels.

    Audience: Marketing

  • Business process integration

    Content is a critical part of many business processes. For example, review and approval processes, translation workflows, contract renewals and so forth. The content needed as part of the process can be stored in different systems, and after the review process, it needs to be saved back into one or even multiple places. Using Xillio, you can integrate any system into your business process to both retrieve content and submit it back to any place where it needs to be stored or further processed.
    See SDL video for example.

    Audience: business analysts, architects

  • Records Management

    Both regulatory compliance and good business practice require you to keep records of important documents and transactions. To feed your records management system with the relevant content, Xillio can retrieve relevant content, regardless of where it is stored.

    Audience: compliance and risk managers, architects

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