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Complex mapping

Xillio specializes in complex mapping in situations where the content model of the source and target systems are very different from each other. We have gained experience across many customers migrating content to and from SDL, or upgrading to a newer version of SDL.

Examples include the migration from SDL to SharePoint, where various components are combined and transformed into pages in SharePoint, and several migrations from SDL to Adobe Experience Manager. In this specific example, even the relationship between items in the BluePrinting mechanism of SDL Tridion can be mapped to the target system.

SDL Connector

SDL Tridion upgrade

When syncing an old and new SDL, Tridion environment is not necessarily about complex mapping, but more about complex logic. Xillio has developed a synchronization solution specifically for SDL upgrade projects. Here, content is managed in the old version, and will automatically be transferred to the new version. This ensures that all actions that are performed on the old system (e.g. pages created, modified, posting a component) will always be transferred into the new target system.

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