Migrating content from a legacy ECM

 Is your legacy archive killing your business? How to migrate your content to accelerate growth, increase customer satisfaction and improve the digital experience

 This white paper explores the challenges holding back your initiatives to consolidate content from one or more stale and outdated legacy content repositories as you drive your business along the road of digital transformation. It provides insights and experiences that have triggered our clients to reach out to us for guidance and heavy-duty work to overcome those challenges.

The definition of legacy is constantly evolving in technology leaving organizations with an ongoing headache of how to strategically manage their content.

In this white paper we cover:

  • A working definition of ‘legacy’ and how you can plan for change
  • The 8 challenges that turn ‘modern’ ECM systems into legacy solutions
  • The 4 most common ROI drivers that we see clients measure

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White Paper Legacy ECM Migrations


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