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Content integration

One API to many content management systems

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Isolated content repositories

Your company is stuffed with content repositories: cloud applications, legacy ECM systems, collaboration tools, marketing automation, newsletter, WCM, PIM, e-commerce and DAM systems. None of it can be easily integrated and all require insider knowledge of the underlying systems. You need an army of developers to build and maintain integrations between the different content repositories.

One developer to do the work of 10 developers

No money for an army? Xillio has developed a unified content API, an easy to use API that integrates with 25 content systems. No need to learn the specifics of the underlying systems, no need to maintain integrations.

Supported systems

See below a few of the connectors that are currently available in Xillio API. This list is constantly growing.

API to Adobe Experience Manager
API to Bitbucket
API to box and dropbox
API to Egnyte
API to FileNet
API to gitlab
API to Google Drive
Content API to Sharepoint environment
API to Wordpress for content integration
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Features of the Xillio API


Unified Query

Thanks to Unified Query, we can build queries that work over multiple endpoint. This means our API can access, select and pick-up content items from different content systems and transfer them to an alternative.


The API offers the ability to search on all the possible data that is stored on a system, including meta-information. 

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

The API offers Read (R) and Write (CUD) functionality to various content systems. For instance, to Read records, items and entries.


Not every content system offers standard navigation. Therefore, our content API offers a powerful and quick way to navigate through the content of the connected system.

Are you a developer? Need documentation about the API?

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Use cases


Translation & Localization

Build an automated workflow that deals with the small volumes and higher frequencies directly from the CMS into your translation environment.


Use the API to easily transfer documents to an archiving solution. Or support in-place Records Management on any document in any content sources from within one application.


Use the API to integrate content sources into your governance dashboard so that you can apply rules and regulations on all your content repositories.


Use the API as pipe to fill your analytics dashboard.

Curious about the Xillio API? Try the Sandbox

A free test environment designed to explore the Xillio API

Acces the Sandbox

Possible integrations

Are you looking for a way to integrate content from a repository into your own application? The Xillio API offers that possibility. It supports various scenarios. In the videos below we show a number of possible integrations made possible with the Xillio API:


The Translation & Localization industry uses our API so that users can select files from external content sources directly in the interface of the translation software. After the translation and approval process, the translated content is automatically stored back at the correct location in the source system.


It is possible to use the API to integrate other content systems real-time into a content repository. In this example, we see the integration of Liferay with external content sources, such as Dropbox, BitBucket and Egnyte.


Another example of integration between two content systems. In this video, we use M-files as an interface for access to content stored in a SharePoint environment.

Content management is shifting to integration

This white paper provides insight into the current trend in enterprise content management and how this trend has evolved over the years.

Download white paper
How Content Management moves to content services and integraiton

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