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Connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A CMS migration is a complex project, whether it involves a migration to or from Adobe Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ), or any other system. Transferring a web page is just the tip of the iceberg. The real complexity is located under water: the conversion of the structure, content types, versions, values, value lists, and also reconstructing relationships, links to other pages, files and images.

The content types of a new CMS are often built differently, sometimes they are put together or other times they are deleted completely. Each CMS also has its own implementation of pages, or component-based content types. Often, the migration includes a need to adjust the structure, and to improve the content or enrich it with metadata.

Migrate your CMS to Adobe Experience Manager, or vice versa

A web migration is the perfect opportunity for cleansing and content improvements. It is essential that the input from the business goes hand in hand with the automated transformations that will be applied to the new environment. To carry out this process in a controlled and managed way, a combination of the right software and people are needed.

Xillio has performed hundreds of migrations, and bundled their knowledge and experience with Adobe EM as a source or target system, into a unique connector.



In the below video we demonstrate the export connector for Adobe Experience Manager using our Content ETL Platform.



Unified Data Model

The foundation of Xillio's approach is the Unified Data Model. Pages, components, files and images from the source system are stored in the Unified Data Model in a structured manner.

From this generic data model the content can be converted, corrected and enriched, to the right structure and imported into the new environment.

Main features:

  • Automatic migration to the new environment, resulting in flexible management of web content and assets
  • Both exports and imports in Adobe EM of all components
  • Supports Blueprinting
  • Supports CRX (an additional check on import content)

More technical information about the Adobe Experience Manager connector.

With the right approach, and the right partner, any organization can efficiently migrate to Adobe Experience Manager or vice versa.

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