Connector for Umbraco CMS

Both extraction and import capabilities

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Connector for Umbraco: open source CMS

Do you want to migrate to an Umbraco site? You can choose to manually transfer all content (pages, banners and reusable parts) and media (images and documents) to the new CMS. However, this method is not only time consuming, it is also error-prone.

To analyze, migrate and integrate content and media for the purpose of an upgrade or replacement of your existing CMS, Xillio has developed a proven connector with Umbraco.

Extract and import connector

The connector provides both extraction and import capabilities to and from Umbraco. To accomplish this, we use the Umbraco Web service that is called on from within Xill.


Mapping and transformation

Based on the structure of the site, there will be a determination of which pages should be migrated. Using the mapping sheets, the data is transformed into the new structure.

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