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Data migration from existing CMS to Nuxeo?

Migrating your existing content management system (CMS), Wordpress or Typo3, to a Nuxeo platform? Or migrating Nuxeo CMS to a new content repository? Xillio has the most complete and fastest migration service, using our standard Nuxeo export and import connector.

We have developed a smart connector to export all folders, documents, metadata (e.g. document name, title, author, creation and modification information), versions, authorities and peer relationships between documents from Nuxeo to any other repository, or if needed to easily import this kind of information into Nuxeo.

How to extract data from Nuxeo repository?

The Xillio export connector first scrapes the Nuxeo installation and downloads all content into a certain Nuxeo workspaces folder. It projects all content (as complex as a Nuxeo document type can be) to the two basic content types of our unified data model (UDM), which is “generic” for documents and “container” for the folders.

But this is just the beginning: If your Nuxeo instance runs a custom model, just implement a few mapping files, rebuild the project and you can access all the information stored in your repository. No information will be lost, and it will be available in the UDM, ready to be plugged into another connector!



In this video we demonstrate the Nuxeo export connector. 

How to import data into Nuxeo repository

The import connector uploads a UDM document set (with relative content files) from any source system into Nuxeo. Out of the box it will project all content to the two basic CMIS content types “cmis:document” for documents and “cmis:folder” for folders.

But if your model is more complex than that, you can always implement a few mapping files, rebuild the project and your UDM dataset will be rebuilt into Nuxeo without any data loss!


Support site
For more detailed instructions on how to install the Nuxeo connector, visit our support site.

Need to import documents and metadata into Nuxeo? Learn more about our connector.

No data loss!

We know your project is unique. Maybe you have hundreds, thousands or millions of folders and documents you need to migrate. Or you have multiple business rules that are integrated.

Because we use our proven automation technology based on the CMIS standard, we can make sure that every bit of your information, rules and all types of content, are included in the migration process.

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