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How to export content from MediaWiki?

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How to export from MediaWiki? Connector for MediaWiki

To automate a data export/extraction of a website based on MediaWiki, there are several possibilities, including the standard export opportunities MediaWiki offers, combined with our Xillio Content ETL platform.

XML export
To export the content a manual export is required from the source system; via the standard export options an XML file with all content is generated. Performing these exports is fairly simple. The images/files are taken directly from the front end using its own extraction robot.

Then the relevant content from the XML file is stored in the Unified Data Model (based on MongoDB). With the Content ETL platform and the MediaWiki scripts developed by Xillio, it is possible to analyze the data and eventually transform it so that the content complies with the data model of the target system.

Important features of the connector

  • Export is very easy thanks to XML export;
  • One decorator per content type;
  • Inventories and analyzes all content types (e.g. records, publications, organizations, locations);
  • Transformation of content and data model for easy import into new target system, such as another MediaWiki site, Drupal, Hippo or other WCM system.

More technical information about the MediaWiki connector from Xillio.

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