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How to export data from fileshares

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High speed data export from file shares

Do you want to extract content and data from your network file share, for the purpose of:

  • A migration to a new or different ECM system, such as OpenText Content Server, EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet;
  • The implementation of a collaborative platform (e.g. SharePoint, Office 365);
  • A future implementation of Enterprise Search (e.g. Google Search Appliance, Apache Solr), including indexing of file shares;
  • Cleaning and restructuring of content on file systems for efficiency;
  • Cleaning and enrichment of content for better findability;
  • Content classification, with the aim of enriching metadata.

Xillio provides a simple and extremely fast way to export information from file share(s).

Watch the video for more information.



UDM: Unified Data Model

The exported file share information is stored in the Unified Data Model, abbreviated UDM.The Unified Data Model is used by Xillio ‘under water’ as a temporary uniform data model that ensures that different content repositories can be connected to each other and the content from these sources is exchangeabe with each other. It will also ensure that the content sources can be easily integrated into business applications.

Thus, it is extremely easily to migrate information from the file shares to another ECM system, such as OpenText, IBM FileNet and Documentum.



unified data model by Xillio

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