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Migratie FileNet to OpenText, Alfresco, Sharepoint? Or vice versa?

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Connector to transfer data from and to IBM FileNet

Do you want to migrate your IBM FileNet environment to OpenText, Alfresco, SharePoint or another enterprise content management system (CMS)? Or vice versa?

Xillio developed the IBM FileNet connector to transfer content and data from FileNet to another CMS with minimal effort, or vice versa. The connector provides the ability to either extract data from the FileNet Content Engine, or to import data into FileNet.

Export connector

Through Xillio’s Content ETL Platform all FileNet data (eg. content types, versions, rights) is exported to the unified data model (UDM). The connector is able to easily add various content types, and project-specific meta data to the FileNet data. The exported content can then be stored locally or on a file share, or be directly migrated to another CMS.

In this video we demonstrate the IBM FileNet export connector. 



Import connector

The connector imports data from the UDM to one or more folders of the FileNet Content Engine. All data is imported, including custom properties of all content types, rights, releases and other FileNet information so nothing important is left behind.

In this video we demonstrate the IBM FileNet import connector. 

More technical information about the Xillio FileNet connector can be found on our supportsite.

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