OpenText Content Server Connector

Rapid export and import of OpenText documents

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OpenText Content Server Connector

Xillio has developed a bi-directional read and write connector for OpenText Content Server (OTCS). OTCS is a powerful document management system. It is often used in complex, large organizations because of its extensive capabilities to manage various types of content and support content-related processes. A migration from OTCS to another DMS, or to OTCS is therefore also complex.

Video export connector
In this video we explain how our OpenText export connector can export data and content from OpenText to any other content repository (e.g. SDL Tridion, Documentum) or file system. 

Video import connector
In this video we demonstrate the OpenText import connector. We use this connector to import content and data from our unified data model to OpenText environments. 

OpenText migration process

Xillio has developed a bi-directional connector that allows to quickly export content and metadata from OpenText Content Server, or to import into OpenText from another system (eg. SDL Tridion, Documentum, file shares).

With this, Xillio provides the opportunity to perform OpenText migrations very quickly, faster than the current conventional ways of migrating.

In the video we explain the migration process of a file share and OpenText Content Server to a new OpenText Content Server using Xillio's out-of-the box OpenText CS connector

Features connector:

  • Scalable connector;
  • Ensures traceability migration path;
  • Requires minimal scripting for project specific requirements;
  • Detailed logging;
  • Communication with the Open Text Content Server is done through proven APIs: REST API and Content Web Services API.

Unified Data Model
The development of the connector is based on the Unified Data Model. By leveraging the Unified Data Model (generic data model) of Xillio it is possible to reuse scripts and modules in any project, and configure some system-specific properties using business rules wihout redoing the data modeling.

More technical information about Open Text connector on our support site.

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