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Best practices for upgrading / migrating from Drupal

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Best practices for upgrading/migrating from Drupal to Drupal


To upgrade or migrate from a Drupal site, Drupal provides the standard migration module. The Drupal connector developed by Xillio, however, goes beyond the standard migration functionality offered by Drupal.

Our connector transformes all data from the source system and stores it in the unified data model (UDM) [link]. Thereafter, the data is imported from the UDM into the target system, whether Drupal or another content management system (CMS).

Demo video
The video shows how the Drupal export connector works in combination with Xillio's Content ETL Platform. 





Because all data is transformed to the unified data model, integration with other content sources (many of which Xillio has developed connectors) is very simple. Information becomes interchangeable and can be used for various business processes.


Key features of the connector:

  • Import to Drupal and/or export from Drupal;
  • Support all data, content types, pages, etc.;
  • Suitable for Drupal versions 2.6, 2.8 - 7.x


More technical information about the Drupal connector.

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