Use cases Integration Platform


Every organization wants to be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Also, when it comes to the application and information landscape. With an integration layer for content, organizations can quickly anticipate on market developments and employees are supported optimally.

For example, an insurer wants to build an app that accesses content from two different back office systems. To realize this quickly an integration layer is required.
A second example, a department within an organization works with Box. This is (together with more resources) connected through the integration layer with the records management system, FileNet. When Box no longer meets the demands, an alternative system is installed. Because of the integration layer, it is easy to switch to this new system, without making adjustments to the records management system.

Governance and compliancy

An integrated and comprehensive overview of content makes it possible to implement a comprehensive policy on content. Eg for identifying risks in content regarding privacy.

In addition, being compliant with laws and regulations and the retention and destruction of content, will only succeed if all sources are integrated with the system in which these rules are defined and implemented.



Processes run across multiple applications. Content stored in one application is often necessary in other to optimize an employee's work. Think of a backoffice application in which complaints are handled. An employee often needs open dozens of systems to gather its information.

Another important aspect with regard to productivity is search. Search generally takes up a lot of time. Again, this is because there are several sources. Enterprise Search seems to be a solution, but is especially good in search. Leverage the power of Enterprise Search and use an enterprise content integration layer to unlock the content.

Ease of use

Users want fast access to the right document without first having to open multiple applications. An integration layer can ensure that content from multiple applications is accessed through a single user interface. For example, users can read and write content in Box the content that is stored on SharePoint. Such a single point of access results in tremendous ease of use and productivity gains.