Automatic metadata is an essential operation to bridge the knowledge gap

'Bridging Science to Practice’ is the motto of KWR, the Dutch institute for water research. One of the ways of KWR sought to increase knowledge transfer between science and practice was to publish knowledge (scientific articles, reports, etc.) on its online library. "The amount of content and the high speed in which it’s presented, has not always been what it is now," said Jonie Keessen, librarian at KWR. 

Keessen explains: "Our wish was to create a connection between the internal digital library and our online library. Public reports and articles that are stored in the internal digital library should be automatically placed on our online library. Previously, that process was manual.

In practice it turned out that not all content in OpenText had sufficient or the appropriate metadata, so they were not easily accessible for users. For example, it was impossible to search by author or combinations of several words. 

Curious about the process and the end result? Download the full case.

Download the full case