Dutch Railways

With the help from Xillio, Dutch Railways moved FatWire based website to new Hippo CMS

The Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS) is the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. NS provides rail services on the Dutch main rail network. In order to keep passengers informed, the NS website needs to be modern, user-friendly, and contain up-to-date information across all channels.

In this project, Xillio was asked to migrate three websites, (ns.nl, ov-fiets.nl, and werkenBijNS.nl) based on FatWire Content Server, to the new open source Hippo CMS; a CMS that would simplify the content management and offer multiple channel experiences to clients. A main goal of the project was to maintain the existing set of content schemas as much as possible in order to reduce the time needed to retrain the content editors and minimalize overall project duration time. 

Curious about the process and the end result? Download the full case.

Download the full case