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Localization Webinars

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Together with localization industry researcher Kostantin Dranch, Xillio organized several webinars about different topics concerning localization, translation, and automation. Want to rewatch a session, or were you unable to join earlier? 

No worries, we've got you covered. We've decided to make all the previous webinars online available!


Enterprise Localization Trends 2020

The next decade of localization is coming! This webinar discusses what is going to change in the process, best practice, and technology for localization programs and their managers next year.

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How to sell with connectors to marketing teams

Learn how to find niches in the CMS landscape, create messages relevant to users of that CMS, identify unique selling points and use marketing channels unknown to the competition. 

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Localization connectors

Train Your Salespeople in Localization Connectors

This online training session for salespeople includes a briefing on localization connectors, buyer CMS, and the inner workings of an enterprise content team.

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The Journey to Agile localization

The Journey to Agile Localization

Hear localization professionals speak about their definitions of agile localization, see which challenges they face and how they want to transform their departments this year.

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Xillio Launches Translation Marketplace

Xillio Launches Translation Marketplace

Xillio has launched a digital translation service and technology marketplace for the enterprise on its belief in the power of interoperability. We hosted a panel of industry leaders as they gave their opinion on an ecosystem approach.

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A dash of digital marketing in your localization program

This year, localization professionals have faced multiple challenges — to adapt programs to the renewed focus on marketing. It's time to bring processes up to speed, and to start using some of the marketing tricks, for example, content metrics and A/B testing.

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Localization for 500 Developer Teams

Independently of each other, three enterprise directors of localization (Intuit, Yandex and Gameforge) have built in-house middleware platforms. This webinar gives an overview of these platforms, to understand the pre-requisites that led to their development, and to brainstorm with the experts on how the localization industry can address this challenge in the future.

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