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Why integrate Confluence?

Confluence is cloud-based team collaboration software, developed and published by Atlassian. Confluence is where users create, organize and discuss work with other team members. Although it seems that the popularity of wikis has decreased, the enterprise wiki Atlassian Confluence is more popular than ever.

We see organizations that want to migrate old knowledge bases into Confluence or want to integrate Confluence content in other business applications. 

Xillio API

Building integrations are difficult. Whether you develop this yourself or let someone build it for you, an integration is never completed in just four easy clicks. This is why Xillio created a API for content integration.

The Xillio API is a platform for developers to build integrations with all popular content repositories, such as Confluence. The core functionality of the Xillio API is to create, retrieve, manipulate and delete content and metadata. The goal of the API is for developers to work in a repository agnostic way: this means that once you integrate with our API, you will be connected with all of the supported systems.

Go to our developer portal to learn more about our API. 


DeepDive into the Xillio API

Users now demand and expect integrations that work (almost) out-of-the-box.

In this DeepDive paper, you will learn more about the Xillio cloud API for content integration. It answers the questions:

  • How important is integration really?
  • And why don’t we build the integrations ourselves?
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