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Stay ahead of the competition in the changing world of Content Services

With Xillio, you can become more agile, bring new products to market quicker, maintain and grow revenues, and establish a competitive advantage while focusing on your core business.

Xillio Connector Framework 
The Xillio Connecter Framework is a content integration layer that consists of a Unified Data Model that understands any unstructured content with a myriad of connectors that communicate through the UDM to create a one-to-many access point to integrate, migrate and manage a diverse set of enterprise repositories.

Xillio connector framework

Key Product Features

Connector to Framework

1. Off-the-shelf Connectors

Xillio offers a myriad of off-the-shelf connectors with Enterprise Content Management Systems, including Alfresco, Documentum, FileNet, OpenText and many versions of SharePoint, and with Web Content Management and other systems such as Adobe Experience Manager and Github. 

These connectors communicate through the UDM to create a one-to-many access point to integrate, migrate and manage content.

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Unified Data Model

2. Unified Data Model

The Xillio Unified Data Model (UDM) is a unique database-independent data model, currently implemented in MongoDB, that can understand any unstructured content. 

It collects and understands the meta-data tags of unstructured content, indexing its content to create an integration layer for federated searches across interoperable repositories.

Xillio Server Architecture

3. Reliable Server Architecture

The core of Xillio's Connector Framework is a very reliable Server Architecture that supports scheduling, monitoring, and scalability.  It is able to access millions of documents at a time — and guarantees uptime by continuing to access documents, even when it encounters unexpected content and structure.



Extensible Architecture

4. Extensible Architecture

Because of its standard API, the architecture offers the ability to integrate with any other repository. With the software development Kit (SDK) consisting of APIs and documentation, you can create connectors to new repositories and fully expose Xillio features from within your console.

The architecture offers multiple options for integration with third-party products such as Analytics and Reporting, Visualization, Version Control, Machine Learning and the UI's of Content Management Systems.


Competitive Advantages

We make our partners more agile so they can bring new products to market quicker while focusing on their core business. In the process, we help them maintain and grow their revenues, and establish competitive advantage 

With Xillio, you can:

  • Protect and grow your current footprint within your installed base with new products and services
  • Be the central point of access for all documents, regardless of where it resides
  • Protect your current product usage and increase utility within your customer base with new products and services
  • Establish yourself as the key provider for ECM Information Governance
  • Improve your position in the evolving Gartner Quadrant from ECM to Content Services


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Why become a partner, now?

The attempt for enterprises to standardize on one content repository has become impossible and irrelevant.

Today, applications store their own content, and cloud-based file sharing and collaboration services have significantly changed how knowledge workers and teams do their jobs, making the amount of digital content to manage and control grow exponentially.

In today’s business world:

  • Enterprise projects require searching more than five repositories and at least half of those projects require searching cloud repositories.
  • The need to move content from application-to-application to satisfy specific business needs is decreasing.
  • Organizations are looking to develop a culture of content reuse to streamline workflows and business processes.
  • By 2018, 50% of enterprises will be managing their content using a hybrid content architecture.

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