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Content integration

Integration API with all content sources and applications

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Integration instead of migration?

The ambition of enterprise content management systems to standardize on one content source has proved impossible in some situations. The reality is that content is stored in multiple repositories, such as cloud applications, legacy ECM systems, collaboration tools, WCM, PIM and DAM systems. But building integrations is time consuming, expensive, error prone and not really a core business for most software vendors. Yet there are situations where content integration makes more sense than content migration.

Xillio API for integration

To facilitate analytics, search or access, to name a few, connectivity to content management systems is sometimes required. To support this, Xillio has developed the Xillio API, which unlocks various content systems in terms of data model and API calls.

With the uniform API it is possible to easily make connections with all content management systems. Unlike many other API middle layers, we specialize in content integration. Content that is stored in either cloud storage systems or legacy systems becomes accessible in every application.


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Possible integrations

Are you looking for a way to integrate content from a repository into your own application? The Xillio API offers that possibility. It supports various scenarios. In the videos below we show a number of possible integrations made possible with the Xillio API:


The Translation & Localization industry uses our API so that users can select files from external content sources directly in the interface of the translation software. After the translation and approval process, the translated content is automatically stored back at the correct location in the source system.


It is possible to use the API to integrate other content systems real-time into a content repository. In this example, we see the integration of Liferay with external content sources, such as Dropbox, BitBucket and Egnyte.


Another example of integration between two content systems. In this video, we use M-files as an interface for access to content stored in a SharePoint environment.

Curious about the Xillio API? Try the Xillio-sandbox

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Content management is shifting to integration

This white paper provides insight into the current trend in enterprise content management and how this trend has evolved over the years.

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How Content Management moves to content services and integraiton

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