Round table session


Project Cortex essentials that you didn’t think of

Wednesday January 13, 4 pm CET

With the introduction of Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex, Microsoft announced a new way to do Knowledge Management in the organization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the magic behind Project Cortex. It drives the discovery of topics and connects the dots on your content for you so it becomes relevant information. The AI does most of the work, however, just as opening  MSWord doesn’t write your letter, the implementation of SharePoint Syntex doesn’t automagically solve all of your problems surrounding Information Management for example.

If you want to get everything out of Project Cortex, you will need to start thinking about the information architecture for Cortex, its governance, ownership and retentions as well.

On January 13th 2021 (4 pm CET), Xillio and Metataxis will explain how you can design an information architecture and an information governance framework that could be leveraging Project Cortex to its fullest extent. Furthermore, we show more Project Cortex essentials that you didn’t think of. 

This is an open, interactive session where you could meet peers, pick their brains and that of our experts.

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