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Migrate content to SharePoint Online in Education

We see that many educational institutions are embracing the opportunity of working with Office 365. The benefits of using Office 365 with SharePoint Online and Teams within your educational institution are clear. But transferring content from your legacy systems or maybe network drives to a SharePoint Online environment is not as easy as it sounds.

We will guide you through the steps that our clients in the education sector took to successfully migrate their content to a new SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams environment. Based on best practices, experience and a live demo you will learn:

  • How analysis and insights help you make the right migration decisions.
  • Why migrating per organizational unit (e.g. academy) is sensible;
  • How much time and effort it takes for you as an organization;
  • How you can make the project controllable and predictable;
  • How to set up an impeccable migration plan

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