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Knowledge Management Migration Trends

Cloud adoption continues to accelerate as more and more enterprises seek opportunities to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and improve agility. 

For knowledge management this is no different, we see a big wave of on-premise transitions to the cloud currently happening, accelerated even more through Microsoft's focus on this topic in the last couple of years. One of the key aspects of the transition to the cloud is content migration, especially critical for knowledge management, as this is all about content. In this webinar, Xillio shares the latest migration trends in the context of Knowledge Management and shows this within the actual context of Viva Topics, the latest and greatest Microsoft Knowledge Management solution.

In this session you will:

  • Receive tips & tricks about content migrations, coming from 18 years of experience
  • Learn about common pitfalls, good practices and actual customer cases
  • Get insights in the approach of an enterprise content migration
  • Knowledge Management in Microsoft 365 – where to start
  • Witness a live demo of Viva Topics

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