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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used means for day-to-day digital communication. Using it in conjunction with Microsoft 365 (former Office 365) applications however can be quite challenging. Especially in the context of a transition from a legacy ECM platform, where this integration works seamlessly. To not lose that functionality when you decided to move to Microsoft 365 and to benefit from the advanced capabilities of Microsoft 365 in terms of online collaboration, information processing and compliance, an easy-to-use integration between Outlook and other Microsoft 365 applications is required. 

Xillio Email Manager is the solution

Xillio Email Manager, powered by Colligo, offers a smooth integration between Outlook and Microsoft 365 applications. With the Email Manager, you may save and classify emails and attachments directly from Outlook 365 to SharePoint and Teams with automatically extracted metadata from any device 

Once inside SharePoint or Teams, you can leverage the power of the 365 platforms by: 

Using the capabilities of SharePoint Online to enrich emails with additional properties on top of automatically extracted ones, providing the business context needed for the processing and management of this type of information. 


Using Microsoft’s Advanced Data Governance features from the Purview product and tagging your content with retention and sensitivity labels. This will instantly help you comply with data governance regulations relevant to your organization. 


Using tools like Microsoft Syntex and PowerAutomate to help you process emails and attachments automatically. 

“With the Xillio Email Manager (powered by Colligo), I get emails to SharePoint a lot faster than I ever did before because it’s so simple and easy and doesn’t require any training.”

IT Specialist
Cooperative non-profit compliance monitoring agency

“Easy & efficient solution for filing emails. Sales and trial experience were excellent, they gave us enough time to really test and troubleshoot the product. Support is top-notch, very quick response time and working directly with users eases the burden on internal IT support staff. The licensing is very affordable and as a non-profit that is very important to us.”

Nichole V.

"Quick and easy file search and sharing. This is a very useful and inexpensive tool for all Outlook users, saves a lot of time and improves collaboration. We can find and share all the necessary files in no time."

Happy Customer

Top benefits of Xillio Email Manager for end-users

File email to SharePoint 

Easily file emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive on-the-go with a familiar experience across platforms. 

Auto-apply labels 

Automatically extract metadata properties of emails and attachments or manually capture custom fields utilizing built-in intelligence. 

Stay in your Office apps 

View and browse SharePoint in Outlook and search for content across Microsoft 365, without switching apps. 

Enable collaboration 

Email SharePoint content as links for easy collaboration and file-sharing with your teams. 

Top benefits of Xillio Email Manager for enterprises

Get more from your investment 

Drive consumption and user-adoption of SharePoint and Teams as your system for records and knowledge management. 

Ensure compliance 

Leverage Microsoft 365 and support BYOD without compromising information management compliance. 

Quickly configure 

Centrally configure site access for users and groups with an administrative tool non-IT can use. 

Deploy in minutes 

Quickly deploy the SharePoint Outlook connector using the simple Microsoft 365 add-in framework so users get instant access. 

New! Email Bulk Migration Tool

We have a new email bulk migration tool available as part of Xillio Email Manager for Microsoft 365. Our bulk migration tool allows you to migrate, copy, or move large quantities of emails and attachments (or folders and sub-folders) from Outlook to SharePoint. 

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  •  You’ve terminated an employee(s) and need to preserve their key emails.
  •  You need to move emails from shared mailboxes to SharePoint.
  •  You want to schedule a batch copying job from project folders or sub-folders.
  •  You want to complete a one-time migration before using Colligo Email Manager.
Then our email bulk migration tool can help!

Features you will love

File - Email and attachments to SharePoint Online, Teams, and OneDrive
Classify – Automatic or manual extraction of email metadata
View - SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive
Search - SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive
Share - SharePoint content as attachments or links in email
Centrally Administer – Microsoft 365 add-in framework
Authenticate – Microsoft 365, Azure AD
Deploy – Within minutes without wasting time

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Xillio Email Manager

Save and classify emails and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint even on mobile devices.

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