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Implementing Microsoft Purview Records Management

A practical introduction

About the Course

Implementing Microsoft Purview Records Management is a five-part course providing a step-by-step guide on how to implement automated records management using Microsoft Purview Records Management.

It has been created for records managers and information professionals dealing with information compliance on the Microsoft 365 platform.

The course addresses all the critical components of professional records management and shows how to automate these using the Microsoft Purview Records Management product in a very detailed manner.

All kinds of practical attention points are discussed to ensure your implementation is a success. From hands-on experience with multiple projects, this course will help you scope and plan your Purview RM implementation and avoid a lot of possible pitfalls.

After following the full course, you will be able to: 

  • Explain the definitions and requirements of records management
  • Understand the purpose and working of the Microsoft Purview Records Management features
  • Know how to implement the various features of Microsoft Purview RM
  • Understand how to operate a configured instance of Microsoft Purview RM

About the Instructor

Rob Aaldijk is a seasoned Information Management professional with a focus on content management and collaboration technologies, with 30 years of working experience in global consulting companies and specialized software companies. Rob has taught Enterprise Content Management at the university post-graduate level. In recent years, Rob has been specializing in the Microsoft platform in the content and collaboration domain. More about Rob→

Other contributions by Rob Aaldijk: 

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Microsoft Purview Expert


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