Cortex webinar

All You Need To Know About Project Cortex: Ask The Experts

This is your chance to ask an unique panel of industry experts to answer all your questions about Cortex

Got questions about what Cortex is, how it impacts Content Services, how Cortex addresses ECM and how it potentially will impact your Microsoft 365 clients and influence markets in the future?

This unique panel of industry experts is ready to answer all these questions and more: 

  • Chris McNulty - Sr. Product Manager for Microsoft Project Cortex 
  • Naomi Moneypenny – Director of Product Development for Microsoft Project Cortex
  • Rebecka Isaksson – Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft 
  • Ian Story - Principal Program Manager at Microsoft 
  • Simon Denton –Business Architect at Mott MacDonald, a Project Cortex user 
  • Sjoerd Alkema – Director Content Services at Xillio (Microsoft Cortex Launch Partner) 
  • Jason Burian – Vice President of Product at Knowlegde Lake (Microsoft Cortex Launch Partner) 

First hour is interview set up. Last hour, there is time to answer all your urgent questions.

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