How is Project Cortex impacting the way we work and manage our documents? 

January 14th, 2020
5pm CET / 11 am EST

Your company has invested tremendous amount of money and effort in your traditional document management system (DMS). You have an environment with a traditional DMS to store informationto scan paper documents, with faceted search, content retrieval, automated classification and categorization  

But are you really happy with it? Is everything running smoothly? Are people using it to its fullest potential? Are you able to gain the knowledge you need from all of that information? 

Until…. Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365, Project Cortex and – just recently - SharePoint Syntex. Does this mean you’ll have to sunset your legacy content repositories? What can you achieve with it? How can Microsoft 365 help with findability, searchability and storage? In short, how is Project Cortex impacting the way your users work and manage their documents? 

In this webinar on Thursday Januari 14th, we talk about the impact of Project Cortex on traditional document management. Please join Antonio Maio (Protiviti) and Sjoerd Alkema (Xillio) and moderator Alistair Pugin. 


Alistair_pugin_cirkel Antonio_Maio_Protiviti foto-sjoerd kopie
Alistair Pugin - Moderator Antonio Maio - Protiviti Sjoerd Alkema - Xillio


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