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When you are selling your services, the Xillio API connectors will become a natural part of your offering. You are free to connect with different clients, using all our connectors. Your installation includes one private environment inside of the Xillio Cloud, which allows you to connect with up to 100 content management systems.

Connect all your internal systems, including TMS, CAT tool, or MT engines, and create your unique services and gain an advantage over the competition.

With Xillio API you will be able to connect with all of your content sources. This means that translating content will not involve copying and pasting anymore. With Xillio API, you will be able to automate your processes, cut delivery times significantly and provide continuous localization.

You can connect both the translation systems you use internally and the preferred tools of your localization vendors. You will have the freedom to choose the translation technology and services that meet your requirements, and not rely on the availability of point-to-point connectors.

You will be able to connect your application with multiple content sources with just one single connection. There are two ways to benefit from using the Xillio API:

1) connect your system and refer your users to Xillio to get connected,

2) make Xillio part of your offering for the ultimate connectivity solution.

In both cases, you can make sure you won’t be rejected due to the lack of having a specific connector.

I build brands by enabling them to effectively connect with audiences and convey a vision. I've worked a lot with the Xillio team and their API tech is top notch.


Joshua Solomon
- Integrations Product Manager, Lingotek


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We won the Process Innovation Challenge at LocWorld Seattle 2018 for our cloud-based API which offers enterprises in the Localization & Translation Industry a new way of connecting their systems.

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