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Translation as part of a digital ecosystem

Digital ecosystems are all around us, except in translation. The translation industry is still highly fragmented, resulting in inefficient processes, slow turnaround and unnecessary high costs. LocHub takes an ecosystem approach and provides out-of-the-box integration between the content landscape of the enterprise and the translation technology of the translation service provider allowing them to work together seamlessly. 


LocHub is very easy to use for the content manager and the localization manager while the architecture is TAPICC compliant, headless and API-first making sure it can be easily added to your experience stack.

As LocHub integrates with your content management systems already for multi lingual content, it also acts as single source of truth for enterprises providing insights to improve the customer experience.

Our audience

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Content Manager

  • Add translation capabilities to your system.
  • Publish multilingual contents on time.
  • Sell more with multilingual client support.

Translation Manager

  • Use the system of your choice.
  • Reduce manual tasks and human error.
  • Focus on quality and time, no file management.


  • Be a leader and help solving the connectivity issue.
  • Pick-up any content and Increase your volumes.
  • Win new business with an innovative technology offer.

Content Manager

LocHub is an intuitive connectivity platform that allows you to produce multilingual content in a quick and automated way with the provider of your choice.

It provides operational freedom and makes translation an invisible feature within the content creation process.


  • operational freedom
  • scheduled delivery
  • multi-vendor platform
  • content pulled from one or multiple content systems
  • customized automation

Traditional scenario:

New scenario:

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Translation Manager

LocHub is an intuitive connectivity platform that allows you to produce multilingual contents in a quick and automated way with the provider of your choice.

It enables you to reduce manual effort and error risk by automating processes. With LocHub you have one platform for all content systems, instead of individual processes.


  • operational freedom
  • allows a single supplier or multi-vendor platform
  • connects you to one or multiple content systems
  • customizable automation
  • focus on quality and time instead of file handling

Traditional scenario:

New scenario:

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LocHub an intuitive platform that allows your client to send and receive translation content from you in an easy and automated way.

It provides operational freedom to the end client and makes translation an invisible feature within the content creation process.


  • happy client who no longer needs a TMS
  • interesting financial pay-back model for you
  • Xillio offers deep understanding of the underlying content systems
  • customizable automation
  • operational freedom for your clients

Not what you are looking for? Use our unified API and build your own integration.

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Why build your own connectors?

When Xillio offers seamless integration

LocHub is an intuitive platform that comes with open API connectors to 25+ major content management systems. We all know that building connectors is extremely difficult and time-consuming, and that your tech-savvy buyers only want API-first connectors. So, why build your own one-to-one connectors when Xillio has these connectors standardized and tested!

Xillio develops new connectors on a regular basis and continuously updates existing ones to support new releases. Learn more about the features of these connectors. 

To all connectors

Partnering with LocHub means that we can support customers through every stage of the content lifecycle, from technology implementation, through authoring, localization and content analytics, across all of their repositories.



Marcus Casal
Amplexor VP Content Technology Solutions

“RWS Moravia is excited to collaborate with Xillio to tackle the industry-wide challenge of system integration, not only for the betterment our customers, but for the betterment of the industry. We share their philosophy that technology should support operational freedom and interoperability. Xillio's LocHub, the first TAPICC host, is an example of this principle in action.”

Jim Compton
RWS Moravia, Partnerships Manager

Thanks to the number of connectors and the type of connectivity that LocHub offers, we can now connect our customers’ enterprise content systems to our translation system environment easily and fast without needing any development resources. This way we can stand out against the competition in the market.”

Per Harbo Sørensen
World Translation, Partner

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Localization connectors enable you to eliminate one of the greatest pains your customers experience – manual workflows. Learn how to sell these connectors in this salesperson's guide.

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