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Goodbye manual. Welcome automation!

Goodbye vendor lock-in. Welcome Marketplace!

Translations are not as easy as most people think. But translations should also not be as complicated as most providers make it.

Sending content for translations through LocHub makes it immediately a lot easier for the content creator. That’s the quick win! You can send it to your current provider or to a new one. The second win. Freedom! And you can browse the marketplace to look for providers with an advanced automation story giving you options and innovations. That’s the big win!!

LocHub Connectors

Why LocHub?


LocHub is the modern and easiest way to send content for translations. No more 12 clicks, no more 10 metadata fields, no more copy-paste.


LocHub sends content to any provider. No more vendor lock-in. You get the automation but with complete operational freedom.

Intelligent automation

Our connector framework offers new levels of automation unseen in the translation industry resulting in shorter turn-around times. Speed up your multilingual website deployment. Communicate with your global community.


Translation innovation is happening every day. Innovative providers have connected their technology and services through LocHub. Check the marketplace for inspiration.


Automatically and intelligently adjust required translation quality, improve and adjust the translation process and keep saving more each day.

Outstanding Support

We have 16 years of experience building content connectors. We know how to implement content automation.

How LocHub Works?

In this video, we show how the LocHub AEM translation plug-in helps content teams to accelerate turnaround times for translation content. In an AEM demo environment we demonstrate how easy it is to create translation jobs, and send, retrieve, review and publish translations as well as managing the whole process.

More about the AEM plug-in ->

In this 2-minute video, we demonstrates how to translate Wordpress content with LocHub and its Wordpress connector. The Xillio LocHub WordPress connector allows content managers to easily run website translation projects within WordPress and maintain these websites in multiple languages.

Looking for savings?

Dear Localization manager. It is a near certainty you will be asked to look for savings in the next few months. Prepare for it now and connect your content landscape through LocHub for free.
When the organization ask you for savings, you will be able to present and implement multiple scenario’s immediately.

“RWS Moravia shares Xillio's philosophy that technology should support operational freedom and interoperability. Xillio's LocHub, the first TAPICC host, is an example of this principle in action.”
Jim Compton
RWS Moravia, Partnerships Manager


“We, at Kaleidoscope, spent the last months working together very closely with Xillio developers to make our automation middleware and Plugins for SDL technologies fully TAPICC and LocHub compatible. Now, we can deliver a plug-and-play, integrated translation solution.”
Klaus Fleischman
Kaleidoscope, CEO
Thanks to the number of connectors and the type of connectivity that LocHub offers, we can now connect our customers’ enterprise content systems to our translation system environment easily and fast without needing any development resources.”

Per Harbo Sørensen
World Translation, Partner
Partnering with LocHub means that we can support customers through every stage of the content lifecycle, from technology implementation, through authoring, localization and content analytics, across all of their repositories.
Marcus Casal
Amplexor VP Content Technology Solutions


"We're super excited to team up with Xillio to offer next-generation connector solutions for Sitecore, AEM, Episerver, Dropbox, Zendesk, Salesforce, SharePoint and many more. We share philosophies about transparency and freedom of choice. So, teaming up with an independent tech provider was the obvious way to go. Plus, the multi-source platform blows traditional 1:1 connectors out of the water."

Sune Angermeyer
Lingoowl, CEO 

Win Business with Automation!

Localization connectors enable you to eliminate one of the greatest pains your customers experience – manual workflows. Learn how to sell these connectors in this salesperson's guide.

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Xillio_Whitepaper_Salespersons_ Guide_to_Localization_Connectors


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Localization for 500 Developer Teams

Independently of each other, three enterprise directors of localization (Intuit, Yandex and Gameforge) have built in-house middleware platforms. This webinar gives an overview of these platforms, to understand the pre-requisites that led to their development, and to brainstorm with the experts on how the localization industry can address this challenge in the future.

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A dash of digital marketing in your localization program

There is a storm of multilingual marketing content. Conferences are postponed and in-person sales are frozen due to quarantines around the world. But business never sleeps, and brands, to keep growing, pour their best people and effort into digital marketing. This surge poses a new challenge for localization program leaders — to adapt programs to the renewed focus on marketing. It's time to bring processes up to speed, and to start using some of the marketing tricks, for example, content metrics and A/B testing.

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Xillio Launches Translation Marketplace

Xillio has launched a digital translation services and technology marketplace for the enterprise on its belief in the power of interoperability. We hosted a panel of industry leaders as they gave their opinion on an ecosystem approach.

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The Journey to Agile Localization

Watch the recording of this webinar to hear enterprise localization professionals speak about their definitions of agile localization, see which challenges they face and how they want to transform their departments this year.

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Train Your Salespeople in Localization Connectors

This online training session for salespeople includes a briefing on localization connectors, buyer CMS, and the inner workings of an enterprise content team.

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How to sell with connectors to marketing teams

Designed for LSP sales people selling to enterprise marketing teams, this webinar presents strategies for filling your pipeline with qualified leads from the CMS user bases.

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