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Incorporating emails in your Records Management strategy

  • Date: Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Time: 14:30-15:30 BST, 15:30-16:30 CEST, 09:30-10:30 EDT

Welcome to our upcoming virtual knowledge session "Incorporating emails in your Records Management strategy"!

Both governments and private sector organisations are facing increasing pressure to manage their records in compliance with laws and regulations. Microsoft 365 offers powerful record management tools that can help organisations meet these requirements, but implementing effective record management practices can be challenging.

In this webinar “Incorporating emails in your Records Management strategy“, we will explore how to incorporate a very common kind of content – email – in your M365 record management strategy. We will cover key concepts, best practices, and tools that can help organisations manage their records more effectively and meet their compliance requirements, in particular on email content.

Exciting developments are happening at Microsoft when it comes to records management and information governance. With Microsoft Purview and the latest advances around Microsoft Syntex, it's now easier and more logical than ever to securely store content from primary processes, in compliance with laws and regulations, within Microsoft 365. This also means old legacy ECM platforms can be phased out, and functionality and data can be migrated to Microsoft 365.

However, it is essential to assess whether this is the case for your organisation. Which capabilities are needed, which are not, and what solutions are available? Our experts, who possess in-depth knowledge on this subject, will share their insights. But most importantly, you are invited to ask questions and participate in discussions.

One of the specific challenges we see within the government is the safeguarding of emails efficiently and correctly. The email environment is often the primary working environment. But that lends itself poorly for records management purposes. You may choose to manage emails with Purview in Outlook. Alternatively, you can implement a powerful, compliant, and easy-to-use solution to put your content – including email – under records management controls (with Purview) in M365. We’ll show you how that can be done. 

The event has passed, but you can access the webinar recap and speakers' presentation by filling out the form below. 

In this session we will discuss: 

  • Records Management in the public sector
  • Latest developments in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Purview
  • Things to consider when migrating from a legacy records management platform to Microsoft 365
  • Understanding email integration through Xillio powered by Colligo
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About our speakers


Richard Jeffrey-Cook

Head of Records Management and Consultancy | In-Form Consult

Richard has over 37 years of implementing IT solutions to public and private sector organisations and has supplied information management consultancy to, and implemented systems on behalf of, organisations such as the European Central Bank, and Houses of Parliament. Richard regularly presents at Records Management events in the UK and Europe. His articles have appeared in RM bulletin and other leading magazines.


Sjoerd Alkema

Global Sales Director | Xillio

Sjoerd is the global sales director at Xillio and he has a strong background in content management consultancy, solution management and business development. 

Tim Brady 200*200

Tim Brady

Chief Executive Officer | Colligo

 Tim is the Chief Executive Officer at Colligo. He is passionate about Colligo’s mission to improve the productivity of modern workforces and help organizations with content management.

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