Keeping your content accessible at all time 

Avoiding the broken links issue without impact on your end users!

Digital transformations can pose a challenge when migrating content between platforms, leading to broken links and confusion for users. How can you prevent this and reduce support queries about locating crucial content?

Enter Xillio Link Redirector!

This tool efficiently redirects content requests to the correct source, regardless of the original or current location. Link Redirector is installed as a so-called ‘proxy service’ within your network domain; it will catch requests for content viewing instantly, and use automated mapping techniques to provide the correct content link without even noticing.  

Map from any content platform to another 

Redirect content links from any legacy ECM or Digital Experience platform – IBM FileNet P8, OpenText Documentum, Content Server or Livelink, Alfresco, MediaWiki, Microsoft SharePoint on-premise, et cetera, to modern content platforms like Microsoft 365, OpenText Content Server, Acquia Drupal, Adobe CQ5 or Sitecore, and many more. 

Easy configuration 

Use pre-defined connectors and business rules to set up redirections quickly from any to any content platform, supporting both HTTP and secured HTTPS communication. Configuration is API based, so can be addressed from any modern application. Lookup tables are stored in either MongoDB or MySQL DB. 

Flexible application and licensing 

Whether you want to utilize Link Redirector during or after your content migrations, or permanently in case you cannot or do not want to decommission your legacy content environments entirely, Xillio Link Redirector offers a cost-efficient way to solve the broken links issue. Licenses are subscription-based and are calculated on a project or fixed-use basisget your quote today! 

Xillio Link Redirector

How it helps you and has helped others

What you get

Out of the box you are provided with the following functions and services:

  • Project or Operational product license (subscription-based) 
  • Link Redirector Service, running  as a web proxy service 
  • 1 source and 1 target system connector 
  • One-time setup and configuration of the source to target
  • Support agreement for regular product updates, configuration changes needed, and troubleshooting 

How others use it

Our clients use Link Redirector in distinct use cases, typically: 

  • During and after a migration project, until a legacy source is decommissioned 
  • Permanently as long as links to documents in the legacy source are still being used 
  • To re-route ‘undesired’ links, e.g. from legacy to preferred web pages within the same system 

How does it work?

Fill out the form and one of our Link Redirector specialists will get in touch to discuss your needs and basic requirements. 

Our specialist will set up an in-depth technical demo of Xillio Link Redirector. 

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