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The content management market is changing and shows a shift towards content integration.
What does that mean for your organization?

We were mentioned in Gartner's Hype Cycle

Download your copy of Gartner's Digital Workplace Hype Cycle report. Xillio is cited as a sample vendor.

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Content is everywhere!

Content is scattered everywhere within your organization; on shared drives and hidden away in email folders, and in actual business systems. There are ECM, WCM, DAM or RM systems. But business content can also be found in on-premise BPM and ERP and BI and CRM systems. And now, with the advent of SaaS solutions, content can also be found in the cloud.

Technical complexity, and in some cases vendor lock-in, make it very difficult to connect all these systems and access the right content. And that has a negative impact on the productivity of your knowledge workers and on your organization's ability to respond in a timely manner to changing market conditions.

Xillio offer content migration and integration software and services to simplify this complexity and improve everyone's productivity.

Content is everywhere

Xillio Software and Services: Two Places to Start to Free Your Content


Content Integration

Xillio creates an integration layer for a coherent, manageable and maintainable content information architecture. 

The Xillio engine consists of one simple cloud API, one content model and a myriad of connectors that communicate through the API to create a one-to-many access point to integrate, migrate and manage a diverse set of enterprise repositories.



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Content Migration

With over 13 years of experience delivering complex content migrations, no migration project is too hard or new for us. 

We migrate content from and to all major ECM, DM, DAM and WCM systems, such as Documentum, Alfresco, FileNet, OpenText, SharePoint, Sitecore, SDL, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal and many many more, against a fixed price and fixed time! Because we are certain we get the job done. 

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Free up your content

Xillio, with one API and one content model, acts as an integration layer over all your content repositories, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Now versus 12 months from now

Xillio frees the content from its technical constraints, so it can be used for the business purpose you want.  

Xillio clients experience a reduction of 9 to 18 months on their digital transformation program.

Xillio helps enterprises and software vendors in multiple ways:

  • A services-driven assignment to migrate all repositories to one
  • A software solution with connections to multiple repositories that frees up their content immediately
  • Both — free your content first and then gradually phase out the source application.

Connector framework

Why Xillio is your #1 choice for content integration and migration software and services

  • One cloud API for access to all content repositories;

  • One content model to map all content properties to one standard that is interchangeable; 

  • Content connectors to any ECM, WCM and other systems;

  • Professional consultants with over 14 years of experience in complex migrations and integrations; and

  • Additional content services for enhancement of the content quality.

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Some of our projects & clients

We migrated 230,000 documents plus it's versions from Oracle WebCenter Content to Alfresco for the State of Alaska.


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We migrated the internet sites of 16 Dutch ministries to one centralized internet site,, without content freeze. 


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At Willis, Global Risk Advisor, Insurance and Reinsurance Broker, we are migrating thousands of sites to a new SharePoint environment. 
SDL integrated several Xillio content connectors (e.g. Adobe Experience Manager, Github and many more) in their enterprise translation solution. 


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Automatic classification and metadata enrichment of documents stored in OpenText CS at the Dutch institute for water research.


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We performed an extensive file share analysis and a controlled migration of millions of documents to SharePoint for drink water company PWN.


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