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The Future of Translation is Automation

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Xillio enables your organization to solve the problem of isolated information silos, to free content and to maximize the value of your content. We do this for our customers through our intelligent software by improving, cleaning, migrating and integrating content. These are essential components within every digital transformation strategy.

How we do this?

Our Content Hub is a unified micro services layer on top of all content sources creating a single source of truth within your organization without the need to migrate. It comes out of the box with 24 connectors to the most popular content management systems. 

We use the Content Hub for a variety of scenarios. They are grouped in either Analyse, Act or Accelerate. In short, we offer a triple A solution allowing businesses to be ready for the future. 

Solution for content migration and content integration
All supported systems
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Analyse Network Drives

Analyze the quality and quantity of all content on your network drives and identify ROT content. Knowing which content is valuable and which is not is critical for the success of your digital transformation projects. 

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Analyse Content Landscape

Analyse your complete content landscape to be able to make well-considered decisions about digital innovations. 



Migrate data, content and all its metadata, auditing details, version history and more from one (or more) network drive or content repository to a new enterprise content management, collaboration environment or cloud

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Website Migrations

Transfer content, sites/sections, metadata, functionality, team, templates, information architecture, and relationships from one CMS to another. 

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Phase Out Legacy

Xillio offers multiple scenarios to lower the costs of your legacy ECM systems, such as migration, clean up, archiving, archiving search and federation. 


Translation Automation

Automate translation and localization processes with our Localization Hub. 

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Integrate our 20+ connectors in your business application and connect with more potential customers. 

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The Voice of Our Customers

With more than 15 years of experience in carrying out complex migrations, integrations and digital transformation projects, we dare to say that no challenge is new to us.
We work around the world and serve clients in all kinds of businesses, from education, finance, healthcare to industry. Clients such as Alitalia, Merck, Willis, Nestle, Barclays, AIG, Metlife, Harvard and many more. Read a sample of our success stories: 


Migrate Oracle WCC to Alfresco

Migration to Alfresco

We migrated 230,000 documents plus its versions from Oracle WebCenter Content to Alfresco for State of Alaska.

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Migrate Alfresco to SharePoint Online

Migration Alfresco to SharePoint

Xillio migrated all 600.000 documents from over 600 sites with document libraries for this Healthcare Consulting Firm. The migration as a service was performed in 2 months.

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Consolidation project

Consolidation of repositories

Large consolidation program of records in all kinds of content and data repositories, such as Oracle WebCenter Content, SharePoint, IBM FileNet, Sybase and DB2.

Migrate multiple ECM systems to SharePoint

Consolidation to SharePoint

The Dutch ministry of infrastructure has run a multiple year program for consolidating 100+ content sources to a central SharePoint environment. 

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Source:, Rijkswaterstaat / Henk Roolvink

Automatic enrichment of metadata

Automatic metadata enrichment 

Automatic classification and metadata enrichment of all documents stored in OpenText CS at the Dutch institute for water research. This led to better search results for their users.

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Migration of Typo3 to Drupal CMS

Web migration TYPO3 to Drupal

We migrated all content and metadata from TYPO3 to Drupal for the Dutch Urasmus University

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Supported systems

With our connectors, Xillio offers support for migration and integration of almost all source and target systems. Below you will find a number of our connectors. You can find a complete overview on the connector page.

adobe experience manager migration
Migrating legacy HP Trim
integrate or migrate to Box
Migrate typo3 websites to new CMS
Integrate Zendesk data in other repositories
Migrate content documents to SharePoint Online
Migrate legacy Documentum to new ECM
Migrate to or from Wordpress CMS website
Migrate data to from Umbraco CMS
Transfer content metadata to Episerver
Migrate data to Salesforce
Migrate your legacy FileNet ECM
Migrate livelink files, content, documents to new ECM
Transfer content data from or to Liferay
Integrate data to GitHub
Migrate content and metadata to and from Sitecore
Nuxeo migration of data and content
Migrate old CMS to Drupal
Transfer data to new M-Files ECM
Integrate data of Confluence within other applications
All supported systems

Why Content is The Next Stop in Your Digital Journey

As part of their Digital Transformation, organizations are beginning to think strategically about their content.

This white paper wants to explore the role of content migration in that process of re-thinking, re-positioning and re-invigorating what is one of the valuable assets of any organization: its content.

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Review about Xillio software

Thanks to the help of Xillio, we were able to accomplish this challenging migration project to SharePoint in record time. Xillio’s expertise is outstanding.

Zoya Ponomareva, State of Alaska

Partnering with Xillio means that we can support customers through every stage of the content lifecycle, from technology implementation, through authoring, localization and content analytics, across all of their repositories.

Marcus Casal, Amplexor

I found it mind blowing that Xillio had a complete export ready within a month. We had struggled with a good data export for migration for months. It seems that a migration can be fast if you have the right knowledge and skills.

Klaas de Groot, Municipality of North-East Friesland


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