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The New Way of Connecting Systems

Say "goodbye" to custom build point-to-point connectors that take months to develop and are a nightmare to maintain. Say "hi" to the new way of connecting systems.

Xillio-API-Logo-220x110The Xillio API is a single, unified API into many content management systems that reduce development time to hours instead of months and takes care of the maintenance for you.


One call to do it all

Building and maintaining integrations requires domain knowledge, test systems, and resources. Plus, it takes up valuable time of your development team. 

When you are a developer, we guarantee you it doesn't get any easier than with the Xillio API. We have built all the complexity you need for you. The API is easy to use and a true time-saver. Look at this example:


Thanks to the unified API, developers can upload a document to all your repositories with only a few lines of code. The code works for all content repositories. 

"We already had a Xillio SharePoint connector set up and added Dropbox, Google Drive and OpenText Content Server as content sources within a day for an important customer demonstration. I wouldn’t know where to start if I had to use the native APIs but I suspect we would be measuring the timescales in months not hours.


John Tilbury
- CTO, Preservica

Xillio API for:

  • Localization Industry

    A localization process involves many people and systems. Adding more flexibility, workflow automation and automated translation to the process requires a new way of thinking about connectivity. With the Xillio API, developers and pre-sales consultants within a Localization Department, Language Service Provider (LSP) or TMS vendors can build the connections in a few hours instead of weeks or months, eliminating the need to build custom point-to-point connections. 


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  • Software Companies

    Building integrations and building a software integration strategy is time consuming, expensive and not exactly core business for most software vendors. The Xillio API helps you accelerate your product development and increase your reach.


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I build brands by enabling them to effectively connect with audiences and convey a vision. I've worked a lot with the Xillio team and their API tech is top notch.


Joshua Solomon
- Integrations Product Manager