The key to a successful migration

Analysis is the starting point for every content migration. With Xillio Insights, you make data-driven migration decisions through interactive dashboards. It enables you to define a predictable, controllable and defendable migration strategy. This allows you to clean, deduplicate and enrich during your migration, unlocking the true value of your content.

Connect to any system

Analyze Livelink, Documentum, FileNet, SharePoint, file shares and many other systems.

Cross-system analysis

Analyze and compare multiple systems, see your content landscape in a single overview.

Metadata and usage

Insights into metadata fields, value lists, values and usage.

Active and passive content

Identify hot and cold content to decide on what to archive.

Duplicate content

Detect duplicates, even across multiple systems.

Customizable if needed

Insights provides system-specific dashboards out-of-the box, but these are highly customizable to fit specific needs.

Watch in action

In this 2 minute video, we demonstrate our interactive migration analysis tool, called Xillio Insights. Insights helps you to understand your content and take data-driven migration decisions.


Xillio Insights

How it helps you and helped others

What you get

Out-of-the-box you are provided with the following dashboards.

  • Files and volume
  • File categories and extensions
  • Folder and file activity
  • Duplicates files and folder structures
  • Metadata keywords and usage
  • Common folder names
  • Largest files
  • Empty folders

Every dashboard can be filtered by source system, department, unit, project and dashboards are highly customizable to fit specific needs and exceptions.

How others use it

Clients use it many different ways, but we definitely recognize a pattern. Xillio Insights is used to

  • Prepare for migration
  • Set up a migration strategy per department level
  • Define consolidation planning
  • Create application rationalization strategies
  • Clean up file shares
  • Identify redundant, obsolete and trivial content
  • Build and refine governance and compliance
  • Periodical checks on quality and risks in your content landscape

Learn how we came to develop Xillio Insights in this blog. 

How does it work?

Fill out the form and one of our Insights specialists will get in touch to discuss your needs and basic requirements. 

Our Insights specialist will set-up an in-depth technical demo of our Insights tool.

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