Migrating Legacy OpenText Livelink to SharePoint Online

Or transfer content to Microsoft Office 365, Teams, OneDrive, Records Center or Azure Files 

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Migrations into Office 365 from legacy ECM

The adoption of modern ECM and cloud solutions and the wish to move to a lean and agile content landscape is causing enterprises to migrate content from their legacy platforms, like OpenText Livelink. We see a lot of migrations into Office 365 and other modern content services applications.


The Common challenges for Livelink migration

Moving away from an old document management system, such as OpenText Livelink, has specific challenges. The system might be out of support, there is no API to easily connect to it, and most likely, it uses an old structure that requires complex mapping to adapt to the new SharePoint Online model.

On the other side, there are common challenges when migrating to SharePoint Online or Office 365, such as the import speed into SharePoint Online and the difficulty with identifying the valuable content that needs to be transferred.

Don't worry, Xillio with its rich experience is here to take the challenges and deliver a smooth and efficient migration.

Xillio’s migration strategy for Livelink

We believe that you need to know your content before migrating. The analysis phase therefore is the foundation of your migration strategy and design. During this phase, Xillio uses the Livelink API to extract data and files. In addition, we use Xillio Insights on all Livelink content and data to analyze and determine which content is valuable or not (for instance duplicate documents or documents out of retention).

Based on the analyses, Xillio creates the migration rules for the selection and mapping of the content together with the client. These migration rules for selection and mapping can be applied prior to the actual migration to identify and overcome issues early in the process. In addition, Xillio facilitates transformation reports prior to migration. Finally, the transformed content is imported into SharePoint Online via our migration API.

Migrate Livelink to SharePoint Online

In this 4 minute video, we demonstrate our interactive migration analysis tool, called Xillio Insights, in a Livelink to SharePoint migration. Insights helps you to understand your content and take data-driven migration decisions.


Do you want more insight into your data?

Try our analytics tool, Xillio Insights

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