Enhance your global content strategy with Global Content Insights

Managing international (global) content across your organization, including multiple languages, webpages, and platforms is a complex business. Your global website can contain large volumes of content across multiple languages with subject matter that dynamically updates on a frequent basis. In addition, your global marketing team is dealing with integrating multiple content systems, such as CMSs, marketing automation tools, cloud file-sharing applications, and repositories.

We've all seen the problems this leads to →

Global Content Insights

Easily find and fix global content errors 

It is a fact that errors in your global digital presence not only harm the customer experience, it also has a substantial impact on your in-country SEO rankings. The major search engines including Google evaluates websites on global content quality including the amount of native content on search terms in the language of the user. Impacting on your goal to deliver qualified leads and sales.

Global Content Insights analyzes and reviews all your digital content, identifying mixed or omitted languages, content errors (such as duplicate content, incomplete content, missing alt tags), and complications that have occurred due to incorrect integrations. This assessment helps you to clean-up your international content, as a starting point for a content migration or to improve your translation automation.

Global marketing teams use our dashboard to create, improve and monitor their global content strategy.

Find and fix errors

Simplify the life of your global marketing teams. Easily find and fix errors

Intuitive dashboard

Easy to read dashboard to take immediate action

Time well saved

Save time and use it to create new quality content

Improved sales

Better customer experience results in more leads and sales

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Identify the overall quality of the web pages (1), incorrect localised content (2) page errors (3).
Identify content types that have been used on the different webpages (4) and shows the quality of the translated pages per language (5).
Identify incorrect language content and broken links (6).

Free Global Content Quality Check

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