Seamless integration of Zendesk

With Xillio API


Seamless integration with Zendesk content and data

Thanks to Xillio’s cloud-based API for content connectivity and connectors, it is even possible to offer content integration services on this Zendesk content; for example, automatic translation services or the automatic provisioning of the support material on a public web page.

Fully integrated
Xillio’s Zendesk connector makes Zendesk content directly and 100 percent accurate available in any other business application, and vice versa. This allows organizations to always have updated and accurate content available.

Time savings and ease of use
The Xillio connector for Zendesk makes sure that all the content available in Zendesk is quickly and easily accessible. It is not necessary to manually copy Zendesk content to other systems for reuse or archiving.

One version of the truth
For end users, it is important that they always have the correct version of a document. Thanks to Xillio’s Zendesk connector, end users always have one version (the correct and most recent version) of a document available.

Developer Portal

Building integrations is extremely difficult, but most organizations feel that content integration is critical to their future in a digital world

The Xillio API is a platform for developers to build integrations with all popular content repositories, such as Zendesk. The core functionality of the Xillio API is to create, retrieve, manipulate and delete content and metadata. The goal of the API is for developers to work in a repository agnostic way: this means that once you integrate with our API, you will be connected with all of the supported systems. 

Go to our developer portal to learn more about our API. 

DeepDive into the Xillio API

Users now demand and expect integrations that work (almost) out-of-the-box.

In this DeepDive paper, you will learn more about the Xillio cloud API for content integration. It answers the questions: "How important is integration really?" and "Why don’t we build the integrations ourselves?"

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