Stop wasting money on storing content that has no value

  • Immediately save on content storage costs; often with an ROI of less than a year

  • Stay in control of the content explosion




Create insights in potential content risks and sensitivities

  • Prevent high penalties for non-compliance and privacy breaches

  • Identify document retention needs




Add value while migrating through intelligent classification
  • Migrate your content from anywhere to SharePoint or other platforms

  • Information user is in control of the migration



Be a smart organization, take control of the content explosion

Over the next 5 years, the difference between success and failure for businesses will be to what degree they are in control of their content. The enterprise content world is changing. Content is exploding. Costs and risks are growing. It is chaos, it is out of control. more

Turning data into information

In an earlier post I explained why metadata matters. This time I want to zoom out a little and discuss how to assess the quality of your document collection. Essential to turning data into information. Distinguishing data, content, and information When clients come to more

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