Assists end-users by suggesting and assigning metadata on document save

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Migration Manager

Facilitates information users to perform a controlled and predictable content migration

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Smarter Content Platform

Enables IT to connect, clean, classify, and migrate content repositories

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Migraine migrations? 6 things you should do to prevent this and stay in total control

Do you find content migrations a challenge? Quality not what you were expecting? Business is complaining about it? Struggling to get the input of the business embedded in the process? Here’s 6 things you should do to gain total control and get the most value from more

9 steps to safely move your content to the cloud

The explosive growth of unstructured data we are all facing, is one of the reasons why many organizations nowadays consider cloud ECM solutions. However, having all enterprise content in the cloud is something we don’t see that often yet. There is a lot of caution more

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