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In a nutshell

We believe a content migration should be predictable, fast and easy. More than 10 years of experience and 5 years of development has led to the Content ETL Platform.

Our platform enables you to rapidly connect, transform, improve and migrate.

Rapidly connect, transform, improve and migrate

  • Connectors
    Connect to any repository using our built in functions to extract content and metadata.
  • Development
    Rapidly transform your content, structured and unstructured, using our powerful integrated development environment
  • Modules
    Use our intelligent modules such as classification and deduplication to improve content and metadata quality.
  • Connectors
    Build your own connectors easily, or use our connectors as a starting point.

Why you will love it

Developer friendly

Built in help, connector examples, 200+ built in functions, real time variable inspection, debugging and logging.

It has been around

We started development 5 years ago and used it ourselves for years now in many complex migrations.

No no, there's no limit

No limitations - import to any ECM, WCM or DAM.



Been there, done that

10+ years of migration experience channeled into 200+ built in functions, and a continuously expanding list of connector examples to jump start your migration, connector or content project.


Who is using us?

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