Data and content consolidation into IBM FileNet P8

by Sjoerd Alkema, on May 21, 2019 4:33:07 PM

For a large US financial services company, we successfully deployed a large migration project from multiple repositories - being Oracle WebCenter Content (WCC), SharePoint, FileNet, Sybase, and DB2 - into a new IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager. Here is how we did it:

Data and content consolidation into IBM FileNet P8

This migration project included millions of documents, many of which contained sensitive information. 

Solution Approach
Our Xillio migration software and connectors was used at the core of the migration project. The scripts to automate the migration were built, improved, and tested in multiple phases. 

Migrate SharePoint and Oracle into FilenetExtract
Content from Oracle WCC, Sybase, and DB2 was extracted directly from the database to our unified content model. FileNet content was extracted using Xillio's FileNet connector.

All extracted content was mapped in order to be stored in Xillio's unified content model. The extraction included all metadata, which contains the content's path to the source file.

Many small metadata transformations were made in order for the source data to be compatible with the new metadata model.

Importing the documents was done by Xillio's FileNet connector.

Value for the customer:

  • An approach that allows migration of sensitive content and data
  • Controlled migration with many checks and audits
  • Cost savings, the client was able to phase out several expensive and maintenance intensive systems
  • Value added in retrieving documents from FileNet by mapping and adding metadata


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