Titus Nachbauer, Release manager & Senior consultant

My name is Titus Nachbauer and I have been working as a release manager and senior consultant at Xillio for the past 5 years. I’ve been able to work on many interesting projects in the Netherlands and abroad. I am a true engineer and, over the last years, I’ve witnessed the company’s growth from a consulting organization to a true software vendor, without losing our core values of curiosity, passion, and kindness.

My colleagues and the way we work together, are important motivators to me. At Xillio, we work in several teams and we all work with Agile/Scrum. This implies that we assume that the circumstances (could) change over time. We react effectively and in the meantime, we ensure that the end result won’t be compromised. In this way, a realistic expectation pattern is sketched for both the team as the customer. Because of my experience, I often function as the link between the consultants and the development team. 

Scrum Master
In addition to my role as release manager, I also function as a scrum master within the devops team and the integration team. As Scrum Master I take care of optimizing the communication. As a release manager, I monitor the processes from the start of a product, until eventually integrating it in the cloud or at the customer. We work with the latest technologies to develop software and optimize processes, which is very exciting and educational. An example: About a year ago no-one knew Docker within our organization, now two-third of our software runs in a Docker-container. This results in a lot of extra time when deploying and testing, and it is very nice to be in the forefront of this. And .. there is a lot more beautiful technology to come.

"Over the last few years, I've been able to see how the company has grown without losing our core values of curiosity, passion, and kindness."

Remco Steelink
- Senior Consultant