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Content Hub

The Xillio Content Hub is a microservices layer on top of all your content repositories. It consists of the Xillio engine and a unified API to 24 leading content management systems. 
We already built a few applications on top of the Content Hub; one for analytics, one for content migrations and one for translation automation. You can also use the Content Hub to integrate it directly into your application. 


File Analysis

Our file share analysis (FSA) and analysis of content management systems offer standard reports and visualizations that gives detailed information about, for example, duplicate files and ROT data. 

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Content Migration

Xillio software can connect to any content repository to transform data into uniform data models and to easily import content into the preferred target system. 

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Translation Automation

Xillio's Localization Hub is a user-friendly and intuitive interface put on top of the Content Hub. It connects with many of the leading TMS, MT and CAT tools allowing enterprise clients to work with LSP and translation technology of choice. And it adds intelligence and automation to the translation workflows

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Integrate into your application

The Xillio API provides a platform for developers to easily build integrations with many popular content repositories through a single unified API. It saves time and money for software vendors that wish to extend their connector offering.

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Why Xillio?

This is why our customers choose us


We've been around

Xillio has more than 15 years of experience handling many different content management systems and many challenging client implementations.


We are Gartner 'Cool Vendor'

n 2017, Gartner named us 'Cool Vendor' in  'Content Integration Services'.


We always deliver

Our international clients do not start to look for a Dutch based vendor to solve their migration and integration challenges. They start local. But when they ask around, they find us. This is our number one lead generator and our mantra within the company.
We always deliver!

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