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White paper Localization Market Integration Strategy

White paper: Localization Industry

Why Localization is in dire need of an upgraded connector strategy
How Enterprise Information Architects can extend their target audience

White paper: EIA Business Case

How Enterprise Information Architect vendors can sell more

Caste study: University of Amsterdam

UvA chooses Xillio for the migration of legacy CMS to Hippo for online platform

lenovo case

Case Study: Lenovo

Migration of 11.000 pages from custom CMS and Lotus Notes to Teamsite
Migration of FatWire to Hippo CMS

Case Study: Dutch Railways

Migration of FatWire website to Hippo CMS in short time frame
Technical information content integration cloud API

DeepDive: Technical Info Integration API

Deep-dive into our content integration API with technical features for ISVs

6 Steps to a Successful Web Content Management Migration

Whitepaper: 6 Steps to a Successful Web Content Management Migration

This white paper gives you guidance on how to successfully complete a WCM migration.

Ns poort

Case Study: NS Poort

HTML to Hippo CMS website migration at NS Poort.


Whitepaper: Not lost in translation

This white paper explains how LSPs can gain a competitive advantage by improving customer experience. 


Video: Liferay integration

We show Liferay integration with other repositories.
Synchronization Alfresco and Box

Video: 2-way sync Alfresco and Box

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco and Box

Sync content Alfresco and Salesforce

Video: 2-way sync Alfresco and Salesforce

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco en Salesforce. 


Video: HP TRIM to SharePoint Online

Demo video of HP Content Manager (HP TRIM) to SharePoint Online content migration.


Case Study: Healthcare Consulting Firm

Migration-as-a-Service approach for fast migration from Alfresco to SharePoint Online.


Case study: Dutch Government

Controlled migration from millions of documents out of multiple systems in to SharePoint and HP TRIM.

Livelink video

Video: Extract folders and files from Livelink ECM.

Demo of how to extract folders and files from Livelink ECM.

white paper digital transformation

Content Migration Part 1: The Strategy

Why content is the next stop in your journey towards digital transformation
Migration services

Product Brochure: Migration Services

Explains our approach for complex content migrations.


Video: Demo of Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online

Demo of a Migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online.

Recordings Aiim & XIllio Webinar - Office 365 and SharePoint

Aiim and Xillio Webinar about safely moving your content  into office 365/SharePoint from any source. 


Whitepaper Migration-as-a-service

What to expect from a Migration-as-a-Service Project

Case Study: Erasmus University

Technical realization of the new website and content migration from TYPO3 to Drupal.
AIIM tip sheet

AIIM Tip Sheet

3 Immidiate wins while you migrate content to the cloud.
Gertner Report

Gartner Report

How to Evaluate Integrators' Cloud Office Migration Proposals'


White Paper: Content Migration Approaches

5 Approaches to Get Started with Consolidating and Transferring Content.


AIIM Tipsheet

5 Ways to think about content migration.


Product brochure: Migration as a Service

A brochure about Migration as a Service with Fixed Price & Guaranteed Outcome

Migration from documentum to Box

Migration from documentum to Box

In this video we demonstrate MaaS from Documentum to Box.
Tips for successful Content Migrations

Tips Content Migrations

5 indispensable tips for a successful content migration.


AIIM Tip Sheet

How should you address the content migration question?

AIIM Tip Sheet

AIIM Tip Sheet

3 Key Objectives Typically at the Heart of a Content Integration Initiative
Migrate Oracle WCC to Alfresco

Case study: State of Alaska

Migration of 230,000 documents plus it's versions from Oracle WCC to Alfresco.
White paper Future-Proof Content Management

White paper Content Integration

This whitepaper gives insights into the current trend in content management

Aiim Tip Sheet Content Integration

AIIM Tip Sheet

3 Things Organizations Need to Know About Content Integration

AIIM eBook Developing an information strategy

AIIM eBook: Developing an information strategy

Download the free eBook and learn how you can improve your strategy.
Gartner Hype Cycle Digital Workplace Xillio

Report: Gartner Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace 2017

Download the complimentary Gartner Hype Cycle report.
Flyer content integration software

Product Brochure: Content Integration Software

In this product flyer we explain our cloud API for content integration.

White Paper: 40 File Share Insights

How to get insights in your file share(s)? Download white paper.


Case study: PWN

Automatic migration of file share to SharePoint.

Migrate data from SharePoint to Salesforce

Video: Move data from SharePoint to Salesforce

Moving data and documents from a database and Sharepoint to Salesforce.

Brochure: Content ETL Platform

Discover our Content ETL Platform, the toolbox for unstructured data.


Video: Documentum import connector

In this video we demonstrate the Documentum import connector.


Video: Deploying a File Share Analysis

Xillio performs extensive file share analysis and generate reports. 


Video: File Share to OpenText Content Server

How to migrate content from File Share to OpenText Content Server.


Product Brochure: File Share Analysis

In this product brochure we explain our file share analysis offering. 


Video: Migrate files out of AEM

Learn how to extract content, data and media from Adobe Experience Manager.


Brochure: Technical Features

Technical features of our Content ETL Platform. 


Video: Alfresco export connector

Learn how to export content and data from Alfresco with Xillio's standard connector.


Case study:

Migration of 16 government sites into 1 all-in government site.


Video: Migrate Drupal to Adobe

Automated migration of web content from Drupal to Adobe Experience Manager.


Video: Export from Adobe, import SharePoint 2013

We demonstrate exporting data from AEM and import into SharePoint 2013.


Video: import data into SharePoint

Importing content and data into SharePoint has never been easier. Watch the video!


Video: Extract content from File Share

Extraction of network file share for a migration to SharePoint or other CMS.

Nuxeo export connector.png

Video: migrate documents from Nuxeo

Export documents and metadata from Nuxeo for migration purposes.


Video: Export data out of FileNet

Transfer content and data from FileNet with minimal effort to another CMS.


Video: Import content into FileNet Content Engine

This connector imports data from the UDM to one or more folders of FileNet.


Case study: KWR

Automatic classification and metadata enrichment at the Dutch institute for water research.


Video: fast import into OpenText Content Server

We show how the OpenText import connector imports data into OpenText. 


Video: export OpenText data to new ECM

We explain how weexport data and content from OpenText to an other ECM system.


Video: fast and easy exporting from Drupal

Out-of-the-box export connector to export content from Drupal to another site.


Video: how to import into FileNet (long)

This video explains the configuration of the Xill IDE and the UDM.


Video: export data out of FileNet (long)

We explain the configuration of the Xill IDE and the UDM to export from FileNet. 


Product Brochure: OpenText Connector

This product brochure descripes the OpenText connector and its features.

Nuxeo document importer

Video: easiest Nuxeo document importer

Import content from any content repository into the Nuxeo Platform.

Integrate DM.png

Product Brochure: Integrate your Document Repositories

With our connectors you can integrate all your document repositories. Learn more. 

alfresco import connector.png

Video: import files and documents into Alfresco

We demonstrate how our connector can import files and documents into Alfresco.

Migrate Documentum to Alfresco.png

Video: Migrate Documentum to Alfresco

Easily migrate Documentum to Alfresco.