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White Paper: 40 File Share Insights

How to get insights in your file share(s)? Download white paper.

Case study: PWN

Automatic migration of file share to SharePoint.

Brochure: Content ETL Platform

Discover our Content ETL Platform, the toolbox for unstructured data.

Video: Documentum import connector

In this video we demonstrate the Documentum import connector.

Video: Deploying a File Share Analysis

Xillio performs extensive file share analysis and generate reports. 

Video: File Share to OpenText Content Server

How to migrate content from File Share to OpenText Content Server.

Product Brochure: File Share Analysis

In this product brochure we explain our file share analysis offering. 

Video: Migrate files out of AEM

Learn how to extract content, data and media from Adobe Experience Manager.

Brochure: Technical Features

Technical features of our Content ETL Platform. 

Video: Alfresco export connector

Learn how to export content and data from Alfresco with Xillio's standard connector.

Case study:

Migration of 16 government sites into 1 all-in government site.

Video: Migrate Drupal to Adobe

Automated migration of web content from Drupal to Adobe Experience Manager.

Video: Export from Adobe, import SharePoint 2013

We demonstrate exporting data from AEM and import into SharePoint 2013.

Video: import data into SharePoint

Importing content and data into SharePoint has never been easier. Watch the video!

Video: Extract content from File Share

Extraction of network file share for a migration to SharePoint or other CMS.

Video: migrate documents from Nuxeo

Export documents and metadata from Nuxeo for migration purposes.

Video: Export data out of FileNet

Transfer content and data from FileNet with minimal effort to another CMS.

Video: Import content into FileNet Content Engine

This connector imports data from the UDM to one or more folders of FileNet.

Case study: KWR

Automatic classification and metadata enrichment at the Dutch institute for water research.

Video: fast import into OpenText Content Server

We show how the OpenText import connector imports data into OpenText. 

Video: export OpenText data to new ECM

We explain how weexport data and content from OpenText to an other ECM system.

Video: fast and easy exporting from Drupal

Out-of-the-box export connector to export content from Drupal to another site.

Video: how to import into FileNet (long)

This video explains the configuration of the Xill IDE and the UDM.

Video: export data out of FileNet (long)

We explain the configuration of the Xill IDE and the UDM to export from FileNet. 

Product Brochure: OpenText Connector

This product brochure descripes the OpenText connector and its features.

Video: easiest Nuxeo document importer

Import content from any content repository into the Nuxeo Platform.

Product Brochure: Integrate your Document Repositories

With our connectors you can integrate all your document repositories. Learn more. 

Video: import files and documents into Alfresco

We demonstrate how our connector can import files and documents into Alfresco.

Video: Migrate Documentum to Alfresco

Easily migrate EMC Documentum to Alfresco.

Product Brochure: Migration Services

Explains our approach for complex content migrations.

Video: 2-way sync Alfresco and Box

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco and Box

Video: 2-way sync Alfresco and Salesforce

Two-way synchronization of content between Alfresco en Salesforce. 

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About Xillio

Xillio has developed the Content ETL Platform with the goal to solve the challenges organizations face with their fragmented content repositories. Challenges for staying in compliance, challenges for managing the productivity of internal employees, but most of all challenges for organizations to react in a timely matter to changing market conditions.

The Content ETL Platform contains a very easy scripting language, Xill. It has out-of-the-box connectors to most of the common content repositories (including file shares, SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum, FileNet, Adobe and more), a Unified Data Model and unique modules, like classification, de-duplication, and version recognition, to improve the quality of the metadata. The platform gives organizations the necessary insights in their information landscape, the tools to improve it and the possibility to integrate their point solutions while drastically increasing their agility.

Xillio partners with most large System Integrators and also with specialized local implementation companies. Xillio is headquartered in Hilversum, Netherlands and Chicago, USA. 

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